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Welcome To Shams Al-Deen Sami
Shams Al-Deen Sami institute Teaching Arabic for non-Arabic Speakers Learn Arabic in one year The center’s methodology in teaching: The main language taught is classical Arabic, which is the core when it comes to teaching Arabic. One of the center’s goals is to cover Arabic from all aspects through various texts of classical Arabic, which are diverse in meaning and expressions, that portray educational, social, economic, and political aspects of life. As for common dialects connected to the Arabic language in various Arab States, students can recognize them after reaching a certain level of proficiency in classical Arabic, and that is done through knowledge of vocabulary and different structures widely used by Arabs in general, the country’s environment that he’ll be learning Arabic in, which is Jordan, and additional courses given after becoming proficient in classical Arabic. The subjects that are selected are of diverse meanings and purposes of expression, and they depict cultural, economic, political, and social life. The morphological and syntactic grammar will also be discussed, and it will be distributed in accordance with what is suitable for each stage.
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