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Name Cupid
Age ???
Gender Female
Royal/Rebal (I totally forgot o,o)
Dorm with ???

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Name Hi ^^ Im kitty
Age ??
Daughter of: Treasure cat
Dorm with: Maddie
Royal/Rebel Rebel
Appearance Down below 
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Can I be Raven? Anyway

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name: Kitty
Age: gender
Gender: female
Daughter of: (oh my goodness why can't I remember the name XD?)
Royal or rebel: Rebel
Dorm: (no clue yet, I should of looked this stuff up e3e before..)
im so awful at profiles for anything XD)

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Name :Killua/ don't like say my last name a family thing we keep that a secret
Daughter / son of: secret don't reveal private family things
Dorm mate: +Melody_ Wolf
Skills: assassin family trait very good at stuff and killing haven't lost the battle yet but still smart enough to know when to walk away also fastest thing alive can conduct electricity and is unaffected by it
Personality: a good boy but can be bad when the mood strikes me or when someone makes me mad if I get mad enough I start to kill u
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Name HI! My name is Miki!
Name means Beautiful narritive
Grade 11TH
Royal/rebel Rebal.
Daughter of ISabella rose.
Dorm with None
Skills I can carm people, but i dn't use it much? HWATS THE POINT!
Personailty Feisty,Playful,engergetic,funny

Miki sneaks into the principles office, and glues his furnicure to the seiling
Miki sits on the principle office, and the princibel stares at her "you..did what?????!!!"
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