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Maelstrom Core Concepts

The world is shattered. No one--except for the long-lived and violently isolationist elves--knows why the gods shook the world in anger, only that is shattered the continent, flooded the lands, and created the Maelstrom. The next centuries were spent recovering--first survival, then civilization.

The gods are absent. Most would say the gods left the world--and good riddance! Nearly 1,000 years after the world shattered, few remember the deities and even fewer still worship or revere them.

Magic is not commonplace. There are no epic wizards slinging spells with abandon or powerful clerics calling down the wrath of their deities. Magic is still about, but most people go through their lives not giving it much thought. Trinkets and items from the previous age still linger for those brave or foolish enough to retrieve them...

The world is filled with abundant danger, both wild and civilized. Not every orc or goblin is an enemy, but they very well might be! Survival sometimes means a knife to the back and prosperity sometimes means betrayal. Not everyone has flourished in this shattered age.

Islands are dependent on trade and shipping. Not every island has everything they need, nor can they provide all the resources to supply their nations. Dwarves and gnomes trade weapons and steel for food and lumber. Dragonborn raid others for materials, while they themselves are beset by the slave legions of the tieflings. Goblins ply the high seas, pirates under one nation.

The Maelstrom. The Maelstrom is an ever-present threat to the safety and livelihood to all those in the path of its destructive storm fronts. It is also a reminder to the complacent that nothing is safe. There are those cults that worship the Maelstrom as a malevolent entity come to wipe away this world and begin anew.

Characters are adventurers... and they have an important story to tell.

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Maelstrom is currently on hiatus.

The Seven Tribes of the Northern Expanse

Horned Revenant - Lorekeepers and protectors of the Old Land
Fleet Stalker - Hunters and trackers without peer
Sky Dragon - Scouts and guides of the expanse
Thunder Head - Stubborn and unyielding in the face of danger
Endless Pack - They use teamwork to take down any enemy
Restless Host - Nomads who travel the whole of the expanse
Unbound Spirit - Ferocious warriors who never retreat

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Gurel the Unholy

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Map copied from the seeker archives.

On a foggy afternoon, I was running through my play ground, a dark forest where only a few beams of light would shine. It gave it an eerie look but it felt like home. I was running as fast as I could when suddenly something hit me in the head and knocked me unconscious for I don't know how long. When I recovered consciousness, I saw hanging from the neck, dangling on top of me a full skeleton for what look to be an elf with markings on it. I wanted to be mad at it for hitting me so hard in the head but it was so beautiful I had to cut it down and drag it back home where after a few experimentation was able to poor some life into it. Although temporary we became close and formed a bond that would last for a few hours. That my friends is the story of Ribcage.

The Legend of Othgard the Undying

In the past, there were only six tribes in the Expanse. Battles and skirmishes were common amongst the tribes as we are a passionate, strong willed people. History of what had come before was unimportant and scoffed at as the worrying of old men and women. And so we were destined to repeat our history of blood and war. But something unforeseen happened.

The ancient Enemy returned.

Our peoples were caught completely unawares. Only the oldest of our spirit men had any memory of the Enemy, but none remembered how it was defeated. The tribes were courageous and valiant in their stands against the enemy, but still remained divided, and it became clear they would ultimately lose.

Then salvation came. Othgard the Stag returned. He who had left his people to see the world, to gain new skills and strength. With his newfound powers he united the tribes, who set aside old blood feuds under his leadership. The tide slowly turned as he taught more warriors to fight with skills never before seen among the tribes. Marshaling all the tribes of the Expanse in one final push, Othgard brought the war with the Enemy to the brink of victory.

Finally, Othgard the Stag faced off against the Enemy. Their battle was titanic and shook the Expanse. However it was soon clear that Othgard was on the brink of death. As the Enemy laughed at the failing warrior it delivered what should have been the final blow, but after the smoke cleared, Othgard was still standing. He did not fall. The Enemy was furious, and struck blow after blow on Othgard. No matter what the Enemy did, Othgard would not fall, for Othgard knew that he could not defeat the Enemy alone. He needed the combined might of all the tribes and by distracting the enemy for the time he had, it allowed the others tribes to get into position and vanquish the Enemy as one.

And so Othgard from that moment on was known as Othgard the Undying. He vowed to all the other chiefs of the Expanse that he would safeguard the knowledge of the enemy, so this history would never repeat itself. From his noble intentions came the Horned Revenant, the seventh tribe, the keepers of lore for all of the Northern Expanse.

The Horned Revenant do not fear death, because even though we may die, we will never be defeated, for our knowledge is undying.

"The Capture of Linna by Gitauk the Satyr"
When I was ten years old, playing in the woods with my five-year old sister, Linna, was lured by a song from his pan flute and captured by Gitauk the Satyr. I was too frightened to chase him, so Gitauk escaped with my sister... but he dropped his pan flute (which I have carried with me as a reminder for the past 10 years).

Written in stylized calligraphy, this translation is from an inscription at the ruins of the Crystal Dome near the city of Corona.

“We have finally reached the night above. We can only assume that Xakerat is no more, as the flooding was rampant when we left. There were many citizens who wished to stay in the city, and only fate knows what have befallen them. The journey above was not without danger, as we had a run in with the ‘dark ones’ where we nearly met our end, but luckily more tremors shook the earth and we managed to slip free. The voyage to the night above has been fraught with many other perils, but we are strong, and will survive as long we draw breath. The ‘Underdark*’ is lost to us, but we shall make our mark in this new world.”

* The literal translation of this ‘the dark that is under’, however ‘Underdark’ seems more proper.

Berryn's Antiquities

Owned and operated by former adventurer, Berryn Thistleback, the store is well-stocked with ancient and rare tomes as well as certain magical devices from time to time.
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