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Full Name: Tia Millenium Mccarthy


 Full Name: Tia Millenium Mccarthy
Name at birth: Tia Millenium Mccarthy
Title: Young wander
Alter-Ego: Stargazer
Preferred name: Tia
Age/Date of Birth: 15yrs. 10/27
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Straight Female
Race/Ethnicity: Human/Space dragon Hybrid
Skin Tone: Medium-Dark brown
Height: 5ft 8".
Weight: 176.7Lb.
Build: Based off of image below
Eyes: Dark Brown eyes that look light brown when light hits it
Hair: Dark Brown, silky texture, very thick, and oily looking.
Clothes Style: T-Shirt & Jeans, Battle skirts on rare occasions. But mostly dislikes dresses
Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Sun shaped scar that covers 85% of her back
Appearance: Over all looks healthy 
Political Affiliation: A second~in line princess
Education: She is literate with college diploma in chemistry. But she chose to return to high school to not draw any unwanted attention
Languages spoken: Modern and old English, Latin,some Old Egyptian. And plant and animal Languages
Weapons: A "Hair-made" Umbrella That is similar to a usal *ready sword but just with a katana.
Occupation(s): A Hero
Past Occupation (s): None
Special abilities/Skills: Speed an agility, Quick Regeneration..that gradualy slows if used to long, Fire resistance to normal fires. Can live without oxygen for a few years. Diamond scales that become magnent like an be shifted into cloth or any shape thats desired.
Citizenship: A student.
Place of Birth:  *Parent's home
Now lives: Owns a tree house. Its similar to a Dryad. The tree house moves an teleports to different locations. Most likely to be seen on roof's of flat topped sky scrappers
Lives with: Alone
Current Relationship Status: Single.
Relationship History: Chose to focus on staying alive
Family: Mother(Dead), Father. Older Sister: Maddie,Triplet younger brothers: Hyote, Makato, an Ikki. ((Its a mixed family. Mom's black, Dad's Asian, Maddie is a lighter black, Hyote is black an Makato an Ikki both look Asian))

School: Freshman
Personality: At times *Tsundere but also very hyper. Has different moods so dhe may be nice to people she's just met or trying to help. She can also be a bit depressed or strick an blunt. Yet can also act, along with trying not to act silly.
Active Powers: Due to current status. She isn't able to frequently be a dragon. But she is still very fast an agail. She can jump up an move quickly due to her accidently Ninja training. But she is mainly skilled in Samurai arts. May or may not use scales

Passive Powers: Can still regenerate faster but at a shorter rate than normal. She use some parts in her DNA to grow Neko ears an tail. Able to absorb explosions an energy relayted attacks. She can also use photosynthesis. But Due to her cross necklace, she mostly likely won't be able or would be usable on rare occasions. This makes more likely to get sick more easily.
Activities/Organizations: Classified , Classified , Avoiding M.A.P.P."*
Hobbies: Crafting devives an such, using her Diamond scales. Crocéting. Sleeping, Being a Otaku an Gammer.
Interests: Video games, manga, Anime, Biology((even though it scares her)) An Plants an animals
Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: ADHD, Lightning Sickness, An slight alternate personality

BIOGRAPHY: After being Kiddnapped at the age of 5. Tia delevloped a form of time an space travel........but she didn't know why she could...or what it was at the time. She had escaped from her kidnappers a few months after her capture. But she used her ability an ended up on a different planet. After many years of abandonment, pain, anger, an lonelyness. Tia came to earth at the age of 12. It was her birthday that day. She over the 7 years of travel an experince; in fighting skills & techniques, alien langueges, an hostilities; Had finally made to earth. But a tragedy caused her to finally realize why she could travel through time an space. Her mom wasn't human. Her mom was a Space dragon. An Now she knew why a lot of problems had runined her.She was a Hybrid. That had soon lead. To her haven be given a Gift to seal her self from letting her body turn dragon. After 3 Years. She came to this City.......To try an remember her purpose in life. So she decided to fight crime As stargazer

~Speed: 8/10
~Agility: 8/10
~Energy Projection: 7/10
~Fighting Skills: 7/10
~Intellegence: 6/10
~Deffense: 8/10
~Social interaction: 5/10
~Mentality: 5/10
~Strength: 8/10

((Pic: 1& 2=Tia, 3=Umbrella, 4=GrandFather, 5=Mother Deceased , 5=Father, 6=Maddie, 7=Hyote, 8=Makato, 9=Ikki. 10 & 11=Mitsuki, 12 & 13=Hikaru))((an some worng numbering order))((Forgotten to mention the granpa. an two neko kids travel partners))
((the Bio may be a little confusing. Its really late here))
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Name: Dark Heart
Alias: Shard
Element(s): Shadow and Darkness
Race: Fallen Angel
Gender: male
Age: 18
Special powers: dual wielding two handed weapons
Rank: level 1

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