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Welcome to the community where you can learn how to improve your English. Here you can exchange ideas and learning techniques as well as resources and materials. Our goal is to help each other achieve our goals and live happier lives.

We are all from different countries and have diverse backgrounds and we treat each other with respect. We welcome anyone who with a positive attitude and a keen interest in learning languages and changing habits.

Below you'll find a survey that allows you to select those features and resources you want to see in the future:

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If you want to improve your English you need to know why. Below are two questions to help you define your goals when it comes to learning English.

Since we are still at a very early stage in building our new community, we primarily use email. This means that when I send out an email to all the subscribers of my newsletter list, some of them respond via email and in order to speed up the process of community building I'm going to share some of the responses here online:

Hello Mr. Darr

I'm an Iranian person with Persian native language. I have started studying English since approximately 3 years ago and during this duration, I have been an English lover, but there haven't been any people around me to be able to speak to me in English, so I don't know a lot about slangs and expressions that native speakers speak together by them.
In addition, my final goal is to get a TOEFL degree in my country, but I don't know when I can get ready to take part in the exam, because I have a lot of things to do besides studying English.

Thanks a lot.

To me English is very important since in my daily activities as an educationalist needs English.
I am William Shehemba from Tanzania Africa. This is all about me.

Hello Dear,

My name is Abdelhamid CHEMAMI, I am from Algeria and I'm learning English because I am planning to immigrate.


Dear Torsten,

Thanks for the newsletters. Yea, I am a little bit busy. My country is Indonesia. Thank you.


I am Oswaldo. I'm originally from Colombia but I live in Venezuela.
I love languages and I've studied English, French and Spanish for some time. I use English to learn about what's going on in the world , from science to sports to politics and education .
English helped me improve my maths, physics and chemistry skills when I was a hs student.
I came across a book on maths and physics . Took a look and wanted to know what it said . In the process I soaked in maths theories and physics formulas . All of a sudden these subjects made sense, I was able to remember concepts and apply formulas. Then I would start studying chemistry , philosophy, algebra in English. Later on I tried with French, and it worked out as well as it did with English.
That's how my English learning journey set off. It's been a rewarding experience!
Thanks, bye for now.

Dear Torsten, thank you for your keeping sending me the information. Yes, I am quite busy writing papers because we are going to finish this semester in Mid-May.

Best regards,

Hello dear,
I'm so glad that someone interested in making my life more easier.
Thank you !

Now, I'm on my way to church, I'll get back to you soon.
Have a bless day!

Hi Torsten,

How are you doing?

Thank you from your greetings,

Recently am a bit busy, our country is going to hold an election will fall on 9th of May ,

The opposition party candidates are having a campaign and I am listen and watch the youtube every day..

We hope we can change the government this time.

As the present ruling party are too corrupted which is globally well known of the big scandal of 1MDB cases involved under USA justice department investigation ..

The Malaysian people is very angry right now.

I did practice my English every day, I have received the series of short dialogue and mini test dialogue test, giving directions... I have gone through half of the tests, it was a very long chapter, I will try to finish my test by this week, … each time I have to re-start the questions
if I can’t finish the test, so it takes long hours ..

I am happy to learning every day.

This is my sharing for today.

Have a great day

My name Is Ana, I'm from Guatemala City, and I would like to improve English because I would like to work teaching.
If you can help me improving it, it will be wonderful because I will be able to teach in a good way. It will be and extra job, but in the future I would like to have it as a full time job.
Thank you so much for any help you can give yo me.

Best regards,

I am adi mursalin. I learning English in order to speak English. I am from Indonesia.

Hi everyone,

I sincerely cannot say you how much I learned throughout your former site. I simply can affirm I have built all my English there. I was missing those good times in which I never stopped learning day after day during years. Many thanks indeed for everything.

Hi, my apologies for the late reply, of a truth I have been quite busy and off the internet for a very long time, hope my apologies are accepted, well am from Nigeria and the reason why am learning English is because i want to know more about English and to be more fluent in it.

Hi dear Torsten,
I am Suvdaa. I am from Mongolia. I have been teaching English for the secondary school of Tsogtsetsii soum of Soughgobi province. One of my biggest dreams is to study abroad in an English speaking country, to improve my English and after returning to my country to help my students' English skills' development more and more. I am not a very young lady. In my age there is a big issue about age discrimination. It makes me stressful, I hate it. But I don't like giving up. I strive to get a TOEFL or IELTS score to be nominated in any scholarship to support me. There are clear explanation,why I study English.
Teachers in our country are too busy whole school year. To plan, teach students, assess them, prepare daily classes, work with their class students, prepare them to the English language national Olympiad, prepare students to the concourse /final examinations.etc.
Have you known any opportunity for solving my issue, please share with me.
Best wishes:

Dear Torsten,

I'm a Romanian and I immigrated to Montreal in 2007. I used to teach Romanian language and literature and English as a second language in my country, but, as you know, you cannot master a language if you don't practice it daily. It was my case with my English and still, it is.
You know Montreal is mostly a French city (where French is very important ) and if you live in a French area nobody speaks English around. It's exactly my case and I'm struggling to find English friends to practice this wonderful language.
Even if I passed all my French and English exams and I became an English teacher, I still don't have the chance of speaking English very much. I work in a French school board where everyone speaks only French and the level of English is quite low.
In spite of my daughters very good English, they feel more at ease with Romanian at home, so I have almost no one to practice with.
I'm constantly reading and listening to audiobooks in my car, but still, when I have to talk, the subordinate clauses don't always seem very friendly. The more the person I'm talking to is an important one, the more I feel I lose my English. ( Or maybe it's because I lived in communism. Communism sequelae ).

So that is why I'm eternally studying this wonderful language, but not that easy when talking about expressions and phrasal verbs.
Thank you very much for all your material and your time.


I am Ataana from Kenya-Africa, I am a primary school teacher and I teach in one of the schools in my country. I love English language since I began my Education. I would like to tell you that English is one of the subjects taught in Kenyan Curriculum design. I have leant the language for 20 years now, as know know second language is always difficult to get fluency I am still making mistakes. I wish to learn more from you.

Dear Torsten,

I very happy because of saw your email J. Thank you. I do exercises from your website every day. I think that I have developed about especially listening. Your advice most important for me. after a little time, I will do the new tests.

See you.
Have a good day.

Dear Torsten , my name is Lukas and I am from Poland but I have been living in Italy for the past five years. I am very interested in learning foreign languages and my dream is to become proficient in English and complete a TEFL course. Recently I have been planning a trip to England (my first trip to an English-speaking country). In the
meantime I try to write some short stories in English. I can give you a sample of my writing, the story In the realm of dream. Thanks for your time and good bye

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That's me at my third day of off-road cross enduro training on my BMW GS 700. I'm planning to write a longer report along with a multiple choice vocab test featuring some of the most important off-road terms.
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One of my personal goals is a rather huge project and I know I can succeed only if a large enough number of people support the idea: I want to help bridge the 'digital divide' that still exists across the globe. More than 2 billion people worldwide still don't have access to the internet which means they lack vital information and education. If the other 3 billion people who are already enjoying broadband access to the internet contacted just one person who is still offline, we all would help make this world a much better place with far less hate, war, corruption and death.

Mr Torsten Darr

Refer to Synonyms " abandon/desert"

How should we apply to sentences and differences it


Thank you Mr. Torsten Darr for explanation the differences of the
excursion and expedition and how does it apply for sentences use.

Appreciated and i have learn a lot from you

Many Thanks


So, why exactly are we learning English, German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish or any other second language? Is speaking good English your goal or is it an important tool and means to achieve your goals? It's a rare case that we learn English just because we love the language so much. It's much more likely that you have other goals such as financial freedom, professionalism in your field of expertise, better and more friends, the ability to travel around the world and choose a place to live. What are your reasons for improving your English?

If you have a website or are planning to create and launch one you need to decide where and how to host it. You should make this consideration rather sooner than later. As a matter of fact, it’s probably wise to decide on the model of hosting even before you start building your site for a number of reasons.

Let me briefly share with you my experiences in creating and hosting websites. I’m not a web developer or programmer but I’m interested in technology and I’m passionate about learning languages. Back in 1997 I had a website written in HTML by a friend of mine who is a web developer. The site featured interactive English vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension exercises and was state of the art. My friend taught me some basic HTML and so I could make some changes to the contents of the site. My friend also ran his own webserver and that’s where my site was hosted so I didn’t have worry about it. Hassle free webhosting at its best, so to speak.

After a couple of weeks my friend asked me whether I had a plan on to ‘monetize’ the site and since I didn’t he said that he isn’t interested in pursuing the project any further and since webspace in 1998 was extremely expensive he had to pull the site off his webserver.

I started to look for partners for my project coming up with more materials and after a couple of years of research found Slava, a self-taught programmer from Saint Petersburg, Russia who very much took to the entire idea and so in 2003 we launched our site again.

This time around we had to find our own solution for hosting the site. We looked at all the possible options available back then and finally settled on a company called Greatnet because we thought they were offering the best service at the lowest price. Please note that webhosting in Germany in 2003 was very expensive and competition amongst hosting providers was not even close to what the international market is like in 2018.

So, we launched our site on March 30, 2003 on a shared server provided by
Since the site already featured hundreds of interactive ESL exercises and tests, traffic started to pick up pretty quickly especially Google liked our site from day one. In September 2003 we added a forum to the site along with an email newsletter and a couple of month later the site went down because the server couldn’t handle the traffic. Please note that Slava was ‘hard coding’ our site in PHP, he didn’t use any framework or other advanced tools, partly because they weren’t available back in 2003 and partly he simply was not familiar with them. When our site went down because the server no longer could handle the levels of traffic, we first didn’t know what to do because we hadn’t expected this situation.

We basically had two options: Either to rebuild the site from scratch with more robust architecture and more powerful hosting or try to move the site to another server. We chose the second option. After doing some research, we decided to rent a ‘virtual server’ at Greatnet hoping that this would solve our traffic problem for the next couple of years. It took Slava more than a week to move the site to the new server and get it up and running again.

Things we pretty good for almost a year when again our ‘virtual server’ reached its limits and we had to move the site to yet another server. This time we settled on our own ‘dedicated server’ which back then was an option only the big guys went with. We thought we had finally entered the top league of web entrepreneurs and felt really cool with our ‘own web server’. Yes, our site became more and more popular as we continued adding materials and the amount of user generated content on the forum constantly grew. After about 3 years our email newsletter list had passed 70k subscribers and to our horror the server started struggling once more. So, it was time to move the site yet again to another, more powerful server at another provider. Believe it or not, we repeated this process several more times over the next few years until we finally decided to purchase our own physical web server.

I don’t want to go into all the details of this process here. It took us several months to complete all the steps that need to be completed until we finally could move our site to our own webserver which has been co-located by Hostway and managed by REMSYS since 2010. REMSYS set up several virtual machines on it and the site has been hosted there for more than 8 years now.

It goes without saying that running your own webserver is a relict of the past. For several years a much better option has been cloud computing and nowadays you should host your site serverlessly.

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What do you call this meal in your native language? In the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge), the region I grew up these are called 'Klitscher' or 'Dalgen'. It's a very simple yet delicious dish made of raw potatoes, onions, curd and some oil. In Russian this is called драники which I often spelled and pronounced incorrectly as дряники because I would think of the word дрянь which, of course, is something completely different ;-)

I do know that the Ukrainians have дряники too as I ate them many times in Ukraine and there are as good as in Russia where I ate them too ;-)

I also ate them in Poland where as far as I remember they are called 'grenki'. However, after some quick googling I realized I might be confusing two Russian meals here....

Anyway, I would like to learn if you prepare a similar meal in your country and if so, what you call it. Happy learning ;-)
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