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How often are you willing to come to a Face 2 Face Meeting in Zürich?

Wie oft bist du bereit nach Zürich zu einem Stammtisch zu kommen?
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Once a month / Einmal im Monat
Every 2nd month / Jeden 2. Monat
4 times a year / 4 mal im Jahr
Twice a year / Zwei mal im Jahr
Once a year / einmal im Jahr

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A good example of how the new prosumer (producer & consumer) style can take form today, and help moving towards an NLRBE.
By repairing broken goods, we keep them longer in the loop and therefore help to preserve the resources.
Of course, in an NLRBE the whole product is designed to be repaired, updated and completely recycled in the end. But by supporting businesses like +Fairphone we help them develop this kind of product with a sustainable life cycle.

by +Raphi See 
Replacing the broken screen on my Fairphone
how it went for me

As I mentioned earlier, (in this post: )
I ordered a new Display Assembly to replace the broken Screen on my #Fairphone

I also ordered a whole repair Toolkit from +iFixit and also used the guide on their website.

So first I prepared everything, and then with some excitement and some trepidation I started the procedure. You can look at the whole documentation with all the steps here: 

Obviously the removing of the metal cover, the battery and the cards (SIM and SD) was quite easy as well as the screws thanks to the awesome toolkit. But then the hard part started with the removal of the black frame.
It was really a struggle of force between me, the tools and the phone. Next time I will definitely try the suggested opening picks which aren't in the set.

Then the removal of the mother and daughterboard with it's delicate flat cables, fixed with miniature hinges. That was definitely the part I loved the most. Though what wasn't mentioned in the guide, is that the camera module is slightly glued to the back of the display assembly, so I had to plug that small cable back into the motherboard again after I took it off.

Everything else wasn't really worth mentioning, just putting it backwards together.
It really helped having this organizer tray and the right tools for such a delicate job.

In the end, everything seems to work great, with the main difference that I always have to smile when I look at the now whole screen ;-)
I really enjoyed that work with all those small parts, and it worked great for the first time. I can't wait to do it again. (though not that I will drop the phone on purpose ;-)

#WeAreFairphone   #repair   #iFixit  
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Help us and vote for our great guy, +Raffael Wüthrich to become a public spokesperson in a rather conservative Newspaper to bring some fresh ideas an Lifechanging information to the people!

You can vote here:
Vote again for change in Switzerland final round!

Hello guys!
We in Switzerland need your help again. Some of you might remember last weeks post ( ).
Our guy, +Raffael Wüthrich  actually won the first round, also thanks to you!
Now we need your help again for the final round. If our guy gets elected, he will have the opportunity to write daily for a month in one of the largest Newspapers of Switzerland.
One with particularly ignorant readers to topics like debt, inequality and general faults in the money system as well as solutions.

Help us to get him there by sharing this message and voting for him here:
_( You need to enter your email address and confirm the link sent to you for the vote to count. You can also do so directly here, if you don't find the link, as the website is in German: )

Thanks for your help! 
by +Raphi See 

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Das ist auch ein ziemlich dicker Film....

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Hey you all.
today at the meeting we where thinking about doing a little bit more for the Swiss Zeitgeist movement.
Two ideas where to make another montly Hangout for 3-4 hours to work on the movement. Which in the beginning would mean to build a stable organisational structure that doesn't require to do much, is easy to emerge in for newcomers and just makes it a joy beeing in the movement. And also to build the website with a similar approach.
It could be called: TSZM Workouts

Another idea was to make another montly meeting, to do something activism style, go to the street, talk to people, and make the movement grow a little.
But for an efficient activism we would first a good website, so we where thinking that we organise the meetings, but instead of going to the streets, we first use that time to develop the website until it can catch the interest of the people and keep it.

I also posted the link to our related Google products in the about section of this page.
If you know of any event related to the Zeitgeist Movement, tell me and I will add it to the calendar.
+Raffael Wüthrich If you like to have access to the calendar, tell me. It would be great to have Kolese, Neustart Schweiz or Danach events in there to!
Or maybe it would be better to create a separate calendar for related events...

This is the link to the public Google Calendar:

What do you think?

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