Today is Nikola Tesla's birthday. He is 157 years old. All electrical appliance stores are closed in his memory. 

Tesla had many quirks and one of them was his precious glass of whiskey a day. When Prohibition threatened to take this pleasure away he wrote in the New York World Telegram in 1932:

"People have been led to believe that alcoholic beverages cause serious injuries to mind and body, while other stimulants, as tea and coffee, are almost harmless. I know from careful observation and lifelong experience that the reverse is more nearly true...It is in striking contrast in its medicinal and dietetic value to all other stimulants which, without exception, are injurious. Even smoking, snuffing or chewing tobacco will eventually impair the health, though not quite so much as chewing gum, which, by exhaustion of the salivary glands, puts many a foolish victim into an early grave."

Robert Uth
Tesla: Master of Lightning

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It is only appropriate to start this circle of Tesla fans with the pilot of the original documentary: Tesla, Master of Lightning!
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