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Just this. Who wants RP as Sigma

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First Name: Cary

Middle Name: Angel

Last Name: Tybressa

Ages: 17, 24 and 41

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Homeworld: Karnaca, Serkonos

Earth: San Francisco, CA

Love Interests: Corvo Attano, Abel, Travis Touchdown, Booker DeWitt, Jack Cayman, Max, Ash Williams, Jacob Frye, Huntsman,
Reggie Kray and Cole MacGrath

Allies: Gear, S.H.I.E.L.D, Emily Kaldwin, Evie Frye, Ronnie Kray, Elizabeth, Mellka, Paul, Law, Yaminah, Agent 47,
JACK Robot, Kim Wu, Deande, Nova, Kleese, Justice League, Spawn, Cammy, Chun Li, Guile, SF, Ghalt, Waffle, Gordon,
Mr. Blik, Judge Dredd, Lei Wulong, Val, Markov, Isaac Clarke, John Carver, Ellie Langford, Nathan Drake, Beatrice,
Norbert the Beaver, Charlie Kane, Furiosa and ect.

Enemies: Hannibal Lecter, Sweet Tooth, Cary Rains, Minister Jinn, Bryan Fury, Prototype Xenomorphs, Demons, Calypso,
Dollface, Outworlders, Delilah Cooperspoon, Kan-Ra, Ultratech, Teshka Sisters, Daud, Wastelanders, Templar, Mafias,
Big Bird, F.A.N.G, Lydia's Army, Queen Ravenna, Varelsi, Mr. Sinister and ect.

Bio: A young girl who lost her family in Serkonos. She's a Daughter of the Duke and granddaughter of Calina. Her family got
killed by Lydia and the dealing with Calypso. She wants to go to Earth when to making friends and making interest in love. She was
against the evil and darkness.

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Name: Scarlet Heart
Age: 16 (or twenty, of the age isn't high enough)
Gender: female
Kingdom: air
Usual form taken: pegasus
Rank: servant
Mate; seeking
Children: none

Anything I'm forgetting?


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Name: Ash Skies

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Kingdom: Shadow Kingdom

Rank: Healer

Mate: Seeking

Children: none
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