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Hello everyone, I'm new to this community and I would just like to say that I'm terrible at roleplaying and don't post much. Anyways, I will post my charectar soon

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Well, any ways, I'm gonna make my creature now

Name: Lion

Age: 13

Gender: she-cat

Appearance: calico with yellow eyes

Animal: Cat

Powers: she spends time alone because she can't die. She does not want her sister to find out. She was attacked by a dog; and did not die. attacked by the strongest cat in the forest; and didn't die. Then she fell into the river and rapids, hit her head on a rock and was bleeding, then crawled out and did not die.

Back story:
(pic 1): that is lion, she had a hard life, her mother died when she was 9. So she had to take care of her little sister.

(Pic 2): her little sister, Owl, was still very young when their mother died.
Lion had to raise her sister until the age of 6. Cheetah knew what she wanted and not what she didn't. :3

(Pic 3): that is Lion's old mate Fox. (Yes I know odd names) He was hit and killed by a car. She spends most of her time alone because of that.

(Pic 4): That is her mother, Raven (black cat) and her.
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One of two. This is the me me.

Name: Saber Fazbatch Wolf
Nickname: Angel, Girly•, Saber, Ms. Wolf
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2" (subject to change)
Species: Human (?)
Appearance: Fair skin, brown hair with purple streaks, violet eyes, a mishmash of plain T-Shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans. Freckles in the summer.
Bio: Fight first, talk later. Her main weapon is a pair of metal hybrid wings, supposedly implanted into her back, and wrist blades made of the same metal. These appendages do not grant her flight, but can be used to lessen fall damage or shield from an attack. Extremely fast and surprisingly deadly when she has you pinned under a blade. Will put her friends before herself, regardless of any threat to her own safety. Skilled mech engineer and basic knowledge of poison cures.
Touchy Subjects•: Certain nicknames, any reference to the origins of her wing appendages or their material, certain mention of her past.

•Not advised unless you want a missing limb. Tolerable with close friends.
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A slightly better pic for Nuri

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I'm probably making three different characters, I don't want too many

Berret (ferret and bat)
Mostly hostile, has to earn trust
He can fit in your palm
Mostly nocturnal
More common than rare, probably 850 of his kind in the world

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Last character

Fire and Magma Elemental
Native of any near Volcano
Hair is lava
Skin is molten rock with lava as inside
Powers are involving fire and magma

All characters bio:
You will find out as you go along the roleplay with each character

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Name} Flight
Age} 1year
Gender} female
Likes}  Flying , the clouds ,
Dislikes}  Blood 
Personality}  Nice, Smart, 
Mother}  Unknown
Father} Unknown
Siblings}  None
Mate}  Open
Pups}  None
Looks}  a fox with white wings that can dissapear at will
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Mix of a robin and dragon
Two pairs of wings, one robin and one dragon on each side
feet are talons like a robin's 
very rare, only about 30 of this type of dragon
only one I am roleplaying as: Raagin
I will allow other people to play as this creature

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Name: Sky
Age: 200 years
Living area: A cave in the forest
Personality: Secretive, Agile, Sly, Daring, Wise
Gender: Female
Appearance: Her scales are sky blue, she has a small blue amulet, pitch black claws, and ivory adder fangs
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Hello everyone! Thank you for the invite +The Lightcloud
Also, can I present my character? And get an idea where I can see a map or what the terroritory?
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