Name: Kenara
Age: 17
Type: Evil
Power: Controls water, can bring darkness
Weapon: self
Pet: Small water dragon-named misó
Personality: Very protective of friends, but slow to make new ones. Picks up languages quickly
Bio: little known-just that she has no parents and was raised in orphanage

Hey all
Is this based on the books?

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Name: Nene King Dragneel
Age: 14
Type: Good
Power: Spawning Weapons, Transforming (Dragon wings, horn, and tail can spawn on her. So can cat and wolf ears and tail)
Weapon: Sythe, Gun, Sword
Pet: A cream colored cat named Sherry
Personality: Kind, Sweet, Caring, Active sometimes
Bio: On a warm day two children were born. One with hair as bright as flames. The other with hair as black as the night sky. Their parents looked at the twins. Love burning in their eyes. A day had passed since the twins birth. When an old crone appeared out of no where. Claiming to be an evil witch. "Give me your children or I will curse this family." The crone said in a raspy voice. "Never!" Her mother said, looking at the witch. The crone let out a cry and cast a spell. The children would now never be normal as their mother was. Along with gaining a demon theirs eyes turned red. 3 years later. The two ran away. Afraid they would one day hurt someone they cared about. 4 years later they both died. Only one came back alive 3 years later. Nene became distant for a while. Until she met all the people she knows now. Nene still misses her twin sister. But she doesn't talk about her. It's to painful.
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Patrick Duff
I can play trumpet well
Sword/ hero hammer
Alicia and John 

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Book three cover

There's roleplay going on the in the official SGE webiste. If you go on Group Chat Forum there are 5000+ comments mainly dedicated to role playing and random discussion. 

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(Not mine)

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Who do you ship?
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Sophie and Tedros
Agatha and Sophie
Sophie and the School Master
Never After
Agatha and Tedros
Sophie and Tedros
Agatha and Sophie
Sophie and the School Master
Never After

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Melisa of the Land of Guns and Cannons
A pirate of the Atlantic
Katana. Gun.
Husky- dog


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Name: Daemon
Age: Unknown
Type: evil
Power: Fire and Nightmare Magic, dragon morph
Weapon: Nightmare Sword and Twin Katanas
Pet: none
Personality: Evil, end of story
Bio: Brother of Daedric, anything else is Classified
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