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Name: Mari Atsuko
Age: 17
Gender: F
Likes: Playing Sports, Being With Friends
Dislikes: Being Alone
Weapon: Swords
Extra: Orphan

You see me in the distance hiding behind a dumpster, crying, wishing the zombies were gone - that i could have my own life back.

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Name: Sadatri Suhei
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Caring, sweet(sometimes), protective, can be a snot, can be a fricking angel sometimes. You get the point.
Likes: Toki, art and drawing, painting, company of others (sometimes- - mood dependent)
Dislikes: Losing things he loves, pain, others' pain.
EXTRA: I GOT A STORY BIO MAN (its midnight cut me some slack)
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(We're starting over, get your booties over here) I gasp and sit up, raise my wrist up to my mouth, then release a high pitched sneeze. My eyes widen afterwards and I slowly look at Zorr, his hand still on my head.

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Name: Toki Shima
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, shy, shy. Sweet, caring, and avoids talking and strangers when she can.
Likes: Music, art, superheroes, Marvel especially but she doesn't prefer it over DC
Dislikes: New people, fighting, blood, fire,

*You wake up on the ground in the street. You must have hit your head really hard when- oh, you remember now! Somebody in a full-cover black cape (cough cough nanami XD) tried to hurt you, but your friend pushed you out of the way and you hit your head on a light pole. They are gone now. There's some blood on the ground, but it might be from you hitting your head, right? Rain starts pouring down not even a minute after you wake up.* (+Toki)

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Okay so I've been meaning to join, but I uh.. hah.. couldn't sign in. But I figured out why and I fixed it so yeah, hai.

Name: Nanami Usagi
Age: 15
Gender: Fem
Species: Forest Elf
Personality: Nice, Fun, Creative, A bit on the shy side...
Likes: Animals, Friends, All things fun and new
Dislikes: Rude/Mean People
Powers/Skills: Good with a bow. I have a good aim :) Also good with a spear or a sword... or anything you might find in the forest that could be used as a weapon.
Bio: Nuh uh.... nope not for you.... or me...
Looks: Green hair, green eyes, pointy ears, cute :D (pics below)
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Name: Ashley Taylor
Age: 14
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Caring, Sarcastic, Funny, Flirty at times, shy, and smart.
Likes: Kicking some zombie butts, Driving, Reading, saving peoples lives, and drawing.
Dislikes: Zombies, People who kill other people just to get their stuff, killing little kids, and watching someone get eaten by the zombies.
(Has met Zorr Mikli before but did not go so well!)


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Hewwo again.. I also lost my password XD

Name - Lyra Kin
Age - 17
Gender - Female
Species - Bear. (No, not girl obsessed with bears, actual as I like to call it - WereBear
Birthday - Feb. 14th
Personality - Sleeps in, doesn't smile unless I'm really enjoying something, quiet and loud (depends on my mood), I have a strong temper. Sometimes I'm shy around certain people.
Skills/Powers  Normal: My normal eyes are red and I just have ears no matter what. "Bear Mode:" I have yellow eyes and can scratch, claw, bite, tear - anything a bear can do really and I lose most of my consciousness. Also, I have a VERY VERY good sense of smell. What triggers my "bear mode:" You have to just find out. Usually it's something that makes me either pissed off or terrified.
Bio - If you really want to know, I'll make a slide story about it. But not right at the moment.
Appearance - Red hair, red eyes/yellow eyes, black t-shirt, camouflage-black hoodie, dark jeans (ripped at knees), bear ears, sharp nails, sharp strong teeth, really skinny as if I'm starving but I'm not starving.
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I wake up and moan, "..MmmmmmsshhhUUTTT ITTT DEADBRAAIIINNSSS!!" I grab the closest thing to me - which happens to be a glass mug - and toss it at the window, breaking the glass. I listen as it smashes and clatters on the ground. All the zombies shut up. "Mmmuch better...." I mumble then close my eyes and lay my head back down on my arms, continuing my slumber in the middle of the hallway of an abandoned building - in the middle of an apocalypse. (XDD JOIN MEH)
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