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Welcome to the community of the Super Smash Bros. Series please remember not to Arc thunder yourself to a nobody and join the fun. Also if you have your miiverse account, go search it on browser, and download the post you or somebody sent.

If you love this community, have a good time to enjoy your stay, if you're invited.
Besides, what can go wrong if your interested in the series? No big deal.
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i'm new here, what's up guys!

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I would like to say that you copied my community! WHEN DID YOU MAKE YOUR COMMUNITY????? My community link is right here.
I named "Super Smash Bros Series!" and it has 400 members! YOU COPIED MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! DELETE THIS NOW!!!!!

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Project M Main tier list
S: Mains
A: Secondaries
B: Pockets
D: Bad
E: Hate

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pac is a soul
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Of course I'm a Dragon Ball fan of all the original, Z, Super, and GT. But why did Toei act lazy because of the fifth episode of Dragon Ball Super? Well, nothing to worry about it. Here's my stage which is the best place of the DB series.

Name: Kamehouse
↕Size: Medium
Background: #3
♪Music: Termina Field

My Miiverse post -
My DeviantArt photo -

I hope you like it! “KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!!!"
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