I havnt been on here in a minuet. A lot has changed. Ive got myself a Daddy now, in it for life. I took his last name and everything. Damn how time flies.

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Your mother was a rich woman as your father died and gave her every single thing to business to money and gave you anything you wanted. When you turned 16 you moved out and lived in your own mansion like your father’s. You were just lounging around your house on your laptop when you heard someone knock on the door. You went and openers the door to see your brother and someone hiding behind him. Your brother pulled a girl about your age out of behind him. She hissed at him and claws at him. She had long white hair and orange left eye and blue right eye. She was wearing a lavender dress and a collar that had a small bell on it. She had white cats ears and tail. Your brother hits her on the head hard causing her to yelp and rubs her head while staring at the ground with tears in her eyes. You started to feel bad for her since she probably had to deal with your brother hitting her for a while before your birthday. After a few months of keeping her you found out her name was skaya. You’d never see skaya work and you would hardly ever see her in the morning and you only saw her before you went to bed. You knew me as a lazy and be lounging around on furniture like most cats do. One day you woke up and went to see if skaya was still asleep or not. When you went into her room you saw her struggling to tie her bow so you....

• I will send how many lines you send me for example 5 then I will send 5 as well.
• this is can lead to anywhere
• Enjoy yourself looking foward to RPing with you..
• 1st pic is skaya
• 2nd is sky


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Hey! I'm on Kik - my username is "kaigirl145" kik.me/kaigirl145

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Alright, hello everyone~

Hmm, hmm, I am looking for a little, like real-life time, not roleplaying one. If you can roleplay too, that's a plus as I am also a roleplayer too. Yet we won't be roleplaying often.

"Treat her like your only existing lovely princess. And fuck her like you own personal cum dumping whore."

Likes: I love roleplaying, playing games, my favorite are Assassin's Creed Series, Witcher and Metal Gear Solid V; I like to talk and make friends and I am both therapist and psychologist, without degree lol. Try me, you won't be disappointed!. I also like to sketch, and draw in free time mostly pencil sketches and of anime characters. I am website admin of few websites, mostly my own creation so I am always online unless I am sleeping. So feel free to talk to me anytime.

Fetish and Kinks: Well, I got Daddy Dom and Master, mostly dominating character. I don't have any little girl or slave currently. Wonder if anyone can change that? I am mostly into everything except gore and scat. I like to be dominant, hair-pulling, spanking till the thing gets red hot, squeezing, licking, biting is my favourite, rough and merciless sex, deepthroats in blowjobs, titjobs as I love boobs, they are such a cute meaty fleshy soft pillow to cuddle with, I kind of love degrading,piss play and public humiliating, I discovered that recently. Making other cum and giving other pleasure is my job! Haha, I am a good masturbating partner, just kidding. Got any extreme or weird fetish, feel free to talk with me.

Dislikes: I hate lies and disobedience. If you don't mean it or can't do it, just be honest. I don't care or mind. Paranoid or privacy concerned people. I am open minded and like my partner/friend to be too. Well, I hate my messages being seen or ignored. If you don't wanna talk or reply, just don't check my message! Hmph. That's all for now.

Love Quotes/I follow for my girlfriend/little girl:-

It would be the loneliest feeling standing cold under the rain all alone. But if you were there hugging me tight, just right there by my side, then I hope it rains for the rest of my life.

Within you, I lost myself. Without you, I found myself wanting to be lost again.

You’re all I need beside me, girl. You’re all I need to turn my world. You’re all I need inside my heart. You’re all I need when we’re apart. All I need is you to believe all that I need is you.

I wish you were with me so I can tell you directly how much you mean to me. I’ll hold you tight and hug you near my heart so that you can hear what it’s trying to whisper, “You’re the reason why I’m beating.”

You are the reason why even at the saddest part of my life, I smile. Even at confusion, I understand. Even in betrayal, I trust. Even in fear of pain, I love.

Enough of my rant, don't mind me! Haha, Nice to meet you and Thanks for following, I hope we get along well~!

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likes:being noticed,sweets
dislikes:being ignored,vegabies,rape
bio:shes a oprhan but she was forced by her old foster parents to go to school she then drolped out and became a stripher/model she became better then lily (alpha and omgela will makea acoout later for her^^) some one toke her in when they fond out she was a oprhan she had a mommy before but she got bored of her so she let her go now shes on the streets shes trying to earn money to buy a house/appreamet if she doest get a daddy or a mommy
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Ik i might be heartless but i still want love will someone be my daddy

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Anyone up at the moment for some fun or normal chit-chat?

"Treat her like your one and only loving princess, fuck or bang her like a true personal cum-dumping personal slut, like hell of out her."

Insomnia and weirdo people are most welcome People will bad past and low-esteem people are welcome to talk or roleplay. I respect all. I won't judge any of your fetishes as long as we can be friends ~

I am dominant and I like to be Daddy Dom and Master, in roleplay or real. I would be happy enough to entertain your extreme and weird fetishes, don't be embarrassed or hesitated.

I personally like hardcore, brutal and rough stuffs, public humiliation, degrading, spanking, hair-pulling, piss play can also be there, no scat though. Well, I did like have merciless and brutal intercourse if can be handled, spanking ass and tits till they get red fucking hot, gripping by hairs as support to pull her face and neck to me, while getting pounded from behind, maybe squeeze her tits or even suck on them if they are huge enough. If you are loli, don't worry, your body will barely be on bed or floor till you are completely done for, as for I will be mostly fucking your body in air, slammed against the wall, hanged with ropes in air or tied to chair with your legs spread, to use your body even though you pass out. Won't stop till I feel satisfied looking at that stupid fucked up like a whore mouth-hanging expression on your face. Need more details? Alteast leave something for roleplay and PM.

*Well, I am a smut roleplayer, can do pure or semi smut plots. No strictly roleplaying requests. I am not interested in writing for bots, though I am nerd myself. To me roleplaying is for fun and pleasure, not for literacy. Better read smut novels for it. I hope we get along. Active accounts would be required for long-term roleplaying. Real Life Bio with Pic needed, I will share the same too. Privacy concerned people should stay away. Guy are not allowed in any way. *


Roleplay Sample:-

She stared at the glowing orbs of lust that is his eyes as steam covered his face, then her sight landed on his monstrous cock twitching and ready to split her apart. "My ass…!" Her breath hitched as he buried his whole length on her unprepared anus. Heat surged up from her rectum as the huge column of meat spread her walls apart. His hips hit the back of her thighs and ass hard as he pounded her mercilessly, watching her ass ripple with each meaty slap. "GOD! Harder Daddy! Make me gape!" She loves it when he turns into mindless beast with only procreation in mind.

He leaned forward and placed his right hand on her shoulder to keep her pinned beneath him. "You're so tight!" He growled, slamming his hips forward with reckless abandon. Her anal walls wrapped tightly around his immense girth and would try to keep him buried deep inside her when he pulls out. "You love it in your ass, don't you, my little slut?" he asked, loving her screams of rapture as he literally raped her with the speed and efficiency of a machine.

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"We found her, my lord she was near the blood pond"

One of your soldiers said, shoving a little girl by the name of skaya on her knees and a wooden block holding her hands on the back. This was the second time your little "pet", tried escaping.. And you where furious that she had tried escaping you.. The ruler of the underworld

You ((Satan)) looked like a normal man but when your furious you look really scary. You had come to earth once ans liked a girl you saw in the jungles and you brought her and owned her she was a vampire girl... who now sits on amongst the throne with you... and gets used for almost about everything, but in return.. Gets treated as a princess.. And never have you ever.. Seen a slave try to escape.. After the life they have been given is great

once it was just you and her, you decided to punish her, with a punishment she will never forget...

"Once again darling you have tried escaping me, do you remember the punishment I warned you about"

he asked, a evil grin putting his arm on his face


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I am skaya . skaya your new student. At first you didn't think much off me. You thought I was just another highschool transfer. That was.. until you noticed I asked and answered questions that had people saying for the past years with out even being there those years. You started growing suspicious of me. One night I was searching your office and found me. You approached me pulling your gun, and I tripped taking mine out. I the one floor you standing over my other wrist. Our guns aimed at each other and You said.....


I'm looking for a little one that I could care for and love, any takers?
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