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likes:being noticed,sweets
dislikes:being ignored,vegabies,rape
bio:shes a oprhan but she was forced by her old foster parents to go to school she then drolped out and became a stripher/model she became better then lily (alpha and omgela will makea acoout later for her^^) some one toke her in when they fond out she was a oprhan she had a mommy before but she got bored of her so she let her go now shes on the streets shes trying to earn money to buy a house/appreamet if she doest get a daddy or a mommy
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Ik i might be heartless but i still want love will someone be my daddy

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Name: Alice
Age: 13
Gender: female
Likes: my daddy , food stuffies cute clothes ect....
Dislikes : being punished , being alone
Bio: I came form a small family with me my mum and my father but not only after did my mum and my father end their marriage many times because of me being born and the constantly argued about me being sent to an adoption center but instead one day they left and never came back its been months and I still have never have left my house ......

Hi everyone Who wants to do a hentai or yaoi or incest roleplay with me Let me know ok Alright greets from me xxx <3

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Me when I had a daddy giggles ^^
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YES....Sluts do make the very best girlfriends and/or wife's!!!! LOVE'EM!!!!!!

I need a daddy to claim me I do almost anything I'm told if I say no there's a reason for it but I need someone very very dominant

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her birth name is Michiko Gami but you can call her what ever you like……oh and one nicknames she has is Michi


August 5

sweets,toys,friends, a mommy or daddy,cats

sour things,broken toys,being alone,bullies,mean dogs

Michiko was left at a orphanage when she was just a few months old. One day Michi was sick of the orphanage and its strict rules so she ran away hoping to find someone to fix there spot ,where her parents took with them, and to get answers on why she was left………buuuuuuuuuut that all might change with your help 
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Name: Taiki Chiba
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Neko/Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 145 lbs
Build: Average
Family: Mother, Father(died in service), younger brother
Apperance: Tall and averagely built, Aki isn't the most stunning guy on the block... but he has a smile that could lighten up anyones day. (Imagine the picture with neko features)
Personality: Aki is your typical quiet nice guy at first glance. He's kind, caring, has an ability to make others laugh or feel better, and is able to get along with everyone. His neko blood make him a bit forgetful and annoying... even a bit ditzy and/or airheaded at times... but he never means to annoy or displease. He can be shy due to his curse and a bit nerdy at times, but has a heart of gold deep down and is a social butterfly. As a daddy, he only wants the best and to see his baby girl happy.
Likes: Video games, kaiju films, anime, sleep, theatre/acting, disney movies. Taiki is very much into prehistoric creatures as his favorite animal is the smilodon or T Rex depending on the day. He's a very good drawer and loves to write.
Dislikes: Bullies, derogatory terms, being made fun of. He is pretty easy going and doesn't have much he dislikes. Due to his past experince though he has a severe hatred for harmful speech and bullying. Taiki also gets very annoyed when people cling to him like he's there pet kitten.
Skills: Taiki is very talented in acting and the arts. Other skills include massive knowledge of transformation spells, being fluent in 5 languages (Japanese, English, Spanish, Swahili and French), high memorization threshold, and many more that I will name at a later date.
Bio: Taiki was born in the mid 1990's in Tokyo Japan to his neko mother Sakura and his father Daisuke. Growing up, Taikk and his father were very close despite his father being a police officer and not having as much time as he'd like to spend with his son. When Aki turned 5 his grandmother gave her a spell that would allow her to blend in with non-nekos as well as train him in trasformation spells. Before long he was able to turn people into just about anything and could even alter there age and gender. As a child, Taiki was often bullied because he was a neko and a crybaby. In the 6th grade, Taiki finnaly had enough and fought back against a bully who was mocking his recently deceased father. He severely injured the kid and permenatly tranformed him into a half pig girl. Both Taiki and the other kid were suspended for 5 weeks. As well as his magic, Taiki hides a Jusenkyo curse. Whenever he's splashed with cold water her becomes a female fairy, warm water returns him to normal. After a fire destroed there house last summer, Taiki's family had to move which means a whole new school and the dreaded new kid lable. After High school, taiki discovered his dom side and a love for both kids and littles.
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