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Please download Stick Dino which is interesting game with absolute classic graphics. Fun, Relaxing, stress buster, addictive and easy to play casual game.

Give 5 star rate, G+, comment keywords "Stick Dino" for me ! I will do the same for you, Thank you !

Here is the link :

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 Please download Bubble Shooter : Candy Blast which has awesome graphic and never endless puzzle game

 Give 5 star rate, G+, comment keywords "Bubble Shooter" for me ! I will do the same for you, Thank you !

Here is the link :

Great new update pushed in the last 3 days: 

We have replaced the quadrant system,
where you could only see 1/4 of the graph at a time,

and now have a click and drag system;
this allows you to focus in on the set of variables you care about.  

To get to a new view, click the center point (the origin),
and drag it to a new position. 

We have also added little null selectors! 
If you click the red circles with a dash in them,
it removes all input for that variable. 

It's easier than trying to drag a variable down to 0 if you enter it by mistake. 

More updates coming soon! 

All the Best,

Hello Everyone! 

We are very exited to announce the public beta of the Gastrograph system! 

Your feedback will help us make a better product for everyone. 

Get stated reviewing products by accepting the beta link on the right,
and downloading the app from the web (beta apps appear on the Play store app). 

All the Best,
Founder & CEC
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