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Ugh, so I have a new player, an old friend who I was trying to introduce to Seven Worlds over Roll20. He started making a Combat Medic character. He started asking for all kinds of gear not in the setting book, or main book. I was ok with that but when I reminded him he starts with $500 he didn't like it and argued The Circle should just hand out whatever he wanted when he wanted. I don't know why got upset with that when he doesn't allow that in his own games. I let him go up to $1000 for gear, but it wasn't enough. Any thoughts on how to handle this? I think he doesn't want to play now because I limited his starting gear.

Is there more information about Gardner station? How many ships can dock there, that sort of thing? And the ship the Dauphin terrorists use, is it registered to the station a mining company or independent?

Going to be introducing some new players to 7Worlds today at PAX Philadelphia. I'll be running A Mysterious Encounter.

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Announcing the free Seven Worlds Fate Conversion supplement!

Here's everything you need to run the Seven Worlds campaign using Fate Core, including: Rules for creating Fate characters with backgrounds from any of the Seven Worlds of human space; aspects reflecting home world and planetary characteristics such as high- or low-gravity, oxygen-level, illumination, culture and society; rules for managing Assistants, AI-enabled customized companions with a personality; Psionic powers, including physical and mental manifestations; simple space combat rules modeling the characteristics of heat, lasers, and missiles; and a short conversion of the Seven Worlds introductory adventure to Fate.

Download the free Seven Worlds Fate Conversion supplement today!

With the next edition of Savage Worlds just around the corner, are you aware of any changes that will impact the Setting Guide or Campaign material?

Due to Google+ shutting down, any thoughts on where this community will move to?

Just wondering if the ship stats sheet could have darker/clear heading for each of the ship stats. Being a light grey makes it very hard to read when printed out.

This setting was recently brought to my attention. I'm a fan of hard(ish)-SF and two of my favorite games are Attack Vector:Tactical and Blue Planet.

I've downloaded the Test Drive and have mixed feelings about it. The rules look good. What the Test Drive doesn't convey is what types of conflicts exist in the setting.

What sort of fault-lines exist in society that will generate adventures for PCs that are prone to violence?

The space combat rules in the Test Drive look good, but how common are space battles? The only war mentioned was about 40 years in the past.

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Seven Worlds @ Gen Con 2018 interview by BoardGameGeek! Last month during Gen Con 2018 at Indianapolis I got to chat with Chad Roberts from RPGGeek/BoardGameGeek, and had a chance to showcase Seven Worlds. We talked about the science-fiction TV shows that influenced the game, the Seven Worlds epic campaign and why it's special, the 2D and 3D maps, and much more!

What is the scale of the maps? One square = 1 inch, I presume?
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