Hey I see a lot of activity on the K-W map but not much in here. Do we have something like a Discord channel?

Hey I know this might be a bit out of the way for some of you but I can't get into the guelph community. Elora and fergus have several portals in high density.i don't consistently have the time or resources to take them all and many are enlightened. If any of you happen to swing by the are could you lend a hand?

New player here! I've been playing Ingress for the past week now, getting lots of cycling in cause of it. After seeing this ridiculous control field over Spain I thought maybe I should try to coordinate with others for some Ops.


I'm a low level but hopefully my daily commute can give us some leverage. :-)

So my son and I have managed to claim 3 portals and take over 1 .. now to plan a roller-blade trip around our neighborhood and see if we can get some more and do some links...

Hi guys, Draxxe here. Just started yesterday and I'm nearing level 4. I guess you could say I wish I found out about this game a little sooner as I've really enjoyed it so far. I'm based in the Rockway area of Kitchener. Look forward to playing with you all!

earthforce_1 here: Just joined and am still figuring this out.

StarfuryOne here. Just joined the game and am figuring it out slowly. Starting to set up in the University of Waterloo.

Headpool182 reporting. Looking to control center in the square area for the resistance!

So what's everyone's strategies for recharging during this XM drought?

I've been trying to keep the L7/L8 portals alive at all costs as they spit out higher resources, and thus higher levels of power cubes.

Any other tips to keep K/W blue?

ayy new to this game just got it. So is the point of it to just capture the portals?
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