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Breakthrough technologies that do not require surgery to resolve neurological problems are transforming how the medical sector.

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How secure is your position today and has the thought crossed your mind that you may be replaced by someone younger and more equipped for the changes taking place in the workplace right now?

In 3 years time, will you be doing the same job as today? In 10 years time do you believe your organization will be operating in the same way?

For those who have given it any thought, please share with us.

From my side, I’m aware that my family all live into their 90’s and that I have another 4 decades to live, with no pension ahead of me.

In three years my life will be extremely different from what it is today and I most certainly will not be doing the same thing now or in that future, since I’m doing every thing to change it today.

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Kids have a lot of knowledge and are natural innovators and creators and transformers.

Children at #UNICEF on the 21st November which also coincided with the 20th Anniversary of the Convention for the Rights of the Child
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I'm finally coming out of my shell to bring more awareness to Embracing Change and my dream to transform humanity one person at time through transformational leadership development.

I realise that sometimes you have to take the leap and trust that when you land there will be someone there to catch you. I run the risk of someone taking my IP and my concepts but if I don't share my dream or my vision, very little will change and my dream will fail anyway.

I am asking those of you who know me to share with your networks because it is really time that we empower our young and older leaders in a sustainable manner.

There is no way that this vision can be achieved without collaboration and support of many people, so I thank you in advance for all input and contributions. There are many ways to get involved and contribute to play even a small part in changing how we treat each other as human beings. A few of them are mentioned in the blog - really its not much.

Thank you in advance.

It is time.

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Embracing Change commits to developing and transforming people by aligning its actions and business objectives to the following SDG goals.

SDG 4 - Quality Education
SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities
SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities
SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

How does your business contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

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Wake up! What if we would choose to be a conscious human being, looking after the tribe of humanity, instead of allowing ourselves to be continuously programmed to obey the norms of a society, whose morale decline is evident all around us?.

In 1995, Carl Sagan cannily prophesied how he foresaw his children and grandchildren living in America.

In my humble opinion, we have a morale and conscious obligation to choose to change our behaviours to become inclusive rather than separatists, if humanity is survive.

#transform #humanity #wakeup #beinghuman #socialinequality #inequality #people #change

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