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Return Tournament Arc!

To support Battle Royale's return, we shall make a tournament. Gathering fierce fighters, and see who shall come out best! The winner shall gain 100 trophies!

Hey, anyone interested in a story based combat community?
I've got a great concept that I think could be a lot of fun and I wanto some quality rpers to help me out and start it. If you're willing to listen, i'll comment the concept for people to read.

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(+Demetri Alastor you ready?)

Michael sighs in relief after doing a system check on his Feather Nodes That damn Argo. If I ever see him again I'll test out all my theories...he smirks, electricity arcing across his scar and left eye Maybe all at once. he shakes his head and sets his Nodes in their passive on his jacket Time to try and find that new energy source in the forest. walks out of his lab, to the forest

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(Read bio to understand his major flaw)
Name: Michael Enemiss
Codename: Storm Angel
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race/Class: Human/Technomancer(Think of any other - mancer, like a pyromancer [fire mage] or hydro -/cryomancer[water/ice mage]. A technomancer wields electricity, enhanced by using cybernetic implants in their head, and uses it to manipulate technology.)
Blood Type: A+ (This is a little practical joke for those who play Elsword. XD)

Personality: Extremely creative. Always has a couple of tools and gadgets in his pockets to fiddle with. Will zap anyone that gets too close to him, often accidentally. If someone messes with his gadgets and/or breaks them...he'll unleash Michael's Retribution(Michael is an archangel of Heaven, who in the Bible led God's army to fight the forces of Hell) on them.
Likes: Machines and technology, specifically fiddling with them
Dislikes: Anyone that messes with him while he's fiddling or messes with his gadgets.
Hair Colour: White, but with some burnt tips
Eye Colour: Purple(Due to implants to help control his Feather Nodes)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 157.7 lbs

Family: None that he remembers.
Friends: Lasadrov...kind of, and others who accept him for him
Enemies/Rivals: anyone he pisses off, so mostly everyone, and Lasadrov...kind of
Role/Job: Adviser

Weapon(s): Feather Nodes(8)(two more than in the pictures, one on each side). Michael stores them easier by having the four Nodes on his right to statically latch onto the front of his shirt and shoulder(three on his shirt, one on his shoulder/upper arm), and has the other four on his left side do the same onto his back and shoulder(three on his back and the last one on his shoulder/upper arm). When in battle he has them detach, the ones on his shirt/back first, then the ones on his shoulders, having them fall behind and to the sides of him like angel wings.
1.) Electromagnetism(Passive): passing a bolt of electricity through the tops of each Feather Node and into a small cone-shaped node on each of his back, a little under his neck and shoulders, allowing Michael's body to gain the same qualities as his Nodes, allowing him to levitate off the ground for more speed and mobility. Also acts as a sort of barrier, shocking anyone who gets close to him, slowing them down if not immobilizing them. Radius is arm's length away from Michael's body or one of the Nodes. When Michael's Feather Nodes are overloaded, this ability is inactive.
2.) Michael's Retribution: Michael goes up into the air, all eight of his Feather Nodes forming a sort of halo above his head as he ascends, and charges a ball of electricity in the middle. While charging, Electromagnetism's radius expands slowly, corresponding to the size of the ball of electricity. Once the ball reaches a big enough size, Micheal flies through it, his Nodes separating and returning back to their spots on either side of him, extending like angel wings on his sides, making an arc on each side of him, the ball dissipating into eight smaller ones(one on each Node), and Michael unleashes the discharge all around him. This alone will incapacitate him, his Nodes useless to attack for the maximum 10 minutes.
Feather Node Techniques(Each Feather Node Technique causes them to get closer to overloading and becoming incapacitated):
1.) Node Whip: Michael has all his Feather Nodes combine into one long chain, and whips it at the enemy, shooting a bolt of electricity from the last Node. Can also be doubled by using his two sides for two whips, but the power and range is halved.
2.) Hand Bolt: Three Nodes levitate in front of the palm of Michael's open and outstretched hand, forming a ball of electricity and shooting it out at the enemy. Can be used in tandem with Feather Node Assault.
3.) Feather Node Assault: The Nodes Michael is not using hover over his shoulders and head, the separated ends facing the enemy, charging small orbs of electricity to fire in rapid succession. The more orbs fired, the closer the Nodes get to overloading and becoming incapacitated for the minimum 5 minutes.
Techniques(Used to either avoid the Feather Nodes overloading or after they have overloaded):
1.) Static Punch: Michael charges his fist using his implants, causing the enemy to be paralyzed for about five seconds, and launches the enemy a few feet away from him.
2.) Charged Feet: Michael makes a smaller version of Electromagnetism around his feet, allowing him to only levitate off the ground and move faster, but does not allow him to fly. Also has a small Static Punch effect of sending enemies a little bit away when they are kicked.
Speed: Average or Fast, depending on his mood, which has a direct relationship to his Feather Nodes. (Angrier/more excited he gets, the stronger and faster he gets and vice versa)

Kill Streak: 0
Highest Kill Streak: 0
Kills: 0

Bio: Michael was a child with exceptional mental abilities and creativity. He had amazing grades in school and enjoyed theater and band. That was before the war that now rages throughout the entire world. The government was in the process of creating technomancers: mage-warriors capable of using electricity to manipulate technology and control specialized weapons. Michael was recruited and showed very high compatibility for some of the most difficult weapons to control. As Michel rose rapidly in rank, he picked up parts and took some weapons apart to develop his own weapon: the Feather Nodes. Using his implants, Michael pushed his body and mind to their limits, barely managing to gain complete control over his weapon before going insane. Out on his first mission, Michael uses a massive discharge of electricity from his Feather Nodes, decimating the enemy and thus giving him the codename "Storm Angel." However, after that huge discharge, Michael overexerted his body, using too much local energy and his own, incapacitating him for a few minutes. During this time, his Feather Nodes will only have enough power to levitate around him, they will be useless for about 5-10 minutes. After some trial and error, Michael realized that this vulnerability period will occur if he issues too many commands into his Nodes, which he had been doing during the mission.

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Michael stares out into the forest, left hand absentmindedly working with a gadget in his left pants pocket as he thinks, his Nodes in their passive, on his shirt, shoulders, and back So let's see if I can find anything in there. Starts walking into the forest, still fiddling with the gadget with only his left hand

This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But...could you guys help me understand how to participate please? I want to do this so so SOOOOO much but I want to know HOW I can participate so I can have fun with all of you. ^-^ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Holiday season for me! Role play time >:D

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Name: Makoto Matsuoka
Alias : None yet
Gender : male
Age : 18
Height : 5'6
Weight : 134 lbs
Race : Human
Allies/Friends: Hikari (Fox spirit/Pactio Partner)

Appearance: Dark skin, japanese mixed with african amaerican. Has black short hair with bangs that cover his forehead.

Archangel Mk.V Combat Suit : The Archangel Mk.V was crafted by the Arcadis Army for the sole purpose of conquest and protection of the user as well as the the capability to stand up to any threat possibly encountered. The Archangel Mk.V is a self reparing tech suit that adapts to magic being used on it, and physical as well as elemental or Otherworldly/ethereal attempts to attack it. It has ways of adapting to such threats, but generally has a force-field that repulses most things that make contact withit, protecting the user. It also has an offensive adaptability to it, taking whatever magic the user is using and applies it to the suit, boosting it on itself. It also enhances his speed and strength, and reaction time by 40x it's normal, and when taking hits, it takes on the defensive protection and strike enhancements based on what was given. [Update] The suit has scanners that scan the body and the enemy, it works on tandem with the user by reading brain signals and actually communicating with the user, kinda like Jarvis from Iron Man, but better, whatever the user wants to do, the suit can make it happen.

[Shield]:The suit had a shield or barrier that is extremely sturdy, and always boosting itself, like the suit itself. If at any point the suit breaks, five of the user's comments.

[Shock/Impact Absorbers]: The suit is designed to take any impact the attacker can give and lessen it by a certain amount, at most by half, if it is on the same range as the impacts before it, if not it readjusts for the next one. These also serve to protect the user's bones when the user themselves attacks, so that large shows of strength and stress are on the suit and not them.

[True Adaption Mode]: This mode takes the adaptation the suit can perform to its true capabilities, and it can adapt to aby situation, such as by cloaking itself, turning into something else entirely or changing a facet of the suit itself or the wearer, like repairing the loss of a limb for example. To better allow this, the suit changes in a way that lets the human body get used to shifting, the user's molecules have to be tested to see if they could in fact take on these forms with the suit, such was proven true by adding an extra small strand to the genetic structure of Damien and Makoto.

[Ultimus/Ultimo]: The suit immediately goes into this mode, ditching the dark blue and black suit colors to a white and crimson color scheme and with the new design, the user"s attributes to extreme levels. Better yet, it can be overlayed over the True adaptation mode to make use of both ends.

Combat Magic :

Sagitta Magica "O (400) Spirits of (Element) Come together and strike mine enemy" : Fires Magic Arrows of a particular Element.

Deflexio : Makes a Standard Barrier again Physical Attacks.

Reflectio : Using an object to increase the overall healing affect. Reflectio heals the user.

Reflexio : A spell that makes a barrier capable of reflect physical attacks.

Volatio. Levitatio. Scopae Volent. : The simplest and most basic component of flight magic.

"Contained frost and snow that flows free, bare your fangs and fight for me Decem Blizzard lupis Jotunheim!!" : This Creates Ten Wolves made out of hard ice with sharp ice claws and teeth. They chase down and attack their target as well as continuing until destroyed or their target is gone.

"Princess hidden in the frosty depths of the mountain range, have pity on this warrior and lend me your aid. Draco cauda Ilesa!!" : Makoto makes a human sized dragon tail of ice with spikes all over it. He can control it at will and if it breaks, use the remains for something else. The tail has been shown to break brick walls and cement blocks, even large boulders and can bend metal easily.

[Niveque clypeus] : A shield of ice covers Makoto and it has spikes. The shield, when broken, becomes shards and shoot out at the enemy.

Gelida hiatum : A large ice spike underground breaks apart the surface, causing a chasm that becomes frozen solid.

"Frost, indulge in your power and impale thy foe ! Spicis fervens blizzard !" : Ice Spikes trail towards the energy in an attempt to impale their feet.

Hydra's Vengeance : "Benedicite, glacies et mare aperire abyssi ille momordit atque abscidit et pariet creatura estis peperit haustae serpentibus undae ultionem" : A spell that releases from a magic circle, a hundred Hydra with magical barriers around them to protect them better as they attack the enemy.

"Peniculus glaciem frigore calor caeli spiritum manibus uestris vim purgativam ( Frost of heaven spirit of the ice Brush away heat with your hand, Cleansing force) : The ground will quickly by frozen from the spell, catching whatever is in it's path.

"Link by link, hold thine enemy in your icy grip, temperatures cold for a heart even colder Glaciem catena efflorebit!" : ten chains appear out of ice, made completely solid by it and attempt to grab and hold down the target.

"Push against heartbeat oh ice, toss away all inhibitions and send your cares flying with them [Columna gelu]" : A small pillar just out under the ice, sending whatever is under it, flying into the air.

[Gelida creberrimae grandinis/ Frozen Hailstorm] : A massive hailstorm of giant icicles falls from the sky. At the same time, the ground rapidly freezes and could hold the opponent in place. The ice would try to freeze the opponent and then five ice scythes would stap into the opponent.

"Clouds as dark as night, thunder like drums of war, play for me my song and sttike my enemy [Corvorum inspiratione!]" : Six balls of lightning head for the enemy, and explode on contact

"Cross the sky, Clash against the clouds and sea, release your power delapsaque tigris vulnus!!!" : Lightning charges in his hand(s) and he swings it, it disperses after a while.

"Fulgur crescere porrigas aream geritur" Electrica agro : An large electrical field around himself. It works as an offensive and defensive ability.

Lux Charge : Makoto charges his hands and feet with lightning magic, adding more power to his punches and kicks as well as his overall movement speed.

Lightning Decoy: Creates a decoy of lightning for himself.

"VContere tenebris imputa cum fulmine et delerent eam micent gladii" [Fulgur devastatio] : Twelve blades appear made of lightning, When he grabs them, he gainsa boost from them in speed and strength. If a enemy touches them the sword explodes in an arc of electricity.

Instant Movement / Shundo : Shundō (瞬動, "Instant Movement") refers to a non-magical method of rapid movement used in the Negima universe. It is a technique used in shundojutsu, and is used by many characters throughout the series.   Makoto can now effortlessly move at Hypersonic speeds with his Shundo.

[Stability increase/stabilitatem augmentum] : An extra magical defense boost, it allows for Makoto to take even stronger hits than before.  

[Siren's Song/"Medio mari voco. Siren canticum!"]: This is a sealing spell, meant to weaken the movements and powers of the enemy by half, it creates a embedded into the ground when active.

[Cantas Bellax] :a form of physical reinforcement used by a mage in preparation for close combat. Aside from providing a long-lasting anti-physical shield, this magic also exponentially increases muscle tension, allowing greater power, speed and endurance; it also increases the flexibility of muscles and tendons to prevent the mage damaging himself from overexertion. In addition, the mage’s reflexes are enhanced by a moderate increase in the stimulation of the nervous system. This allows his movement to jump to at least mach 10 with nothing else.

Melodias Bellax : a more advanced form of Cantus Bellax used to achieve extremely high agility by supplying mana to all parts of the body.

Rudis Magia : As the name implies, this spell imbues the user with pure magical power, not simply making it take a element or seal. With this comes a more unstable form for Makoto, allowing him to have reign over a more destructive magic.  It is not easy for him to tame and the power can get away from him at times, but it gives a boost to his attributes and attacks, giving even his arrows a more violent twist (allowing him to go to the high 40's of speed and mountain destroying strength as well.)  This form also changes his appearance, making his eyes turn a bright silver, but his hair becomes dark blue mixed with black.  He has better control over his abilities and is trying to make new techniques for himself during battle and training. Both he and his Teacher are in their Intermediate masteries of their respective magic Trump cards.

[♢High Ancient Spells♢]:

Jotunheim's Vengeance: This spell creates a double-edged sword made out of ice the size of a mountain at first. It can be controlled to slice whatever he wants it to and the very wind that it pushes when swung freezes anything it touches outside of him. It can also be shrunken down to a more manageable size so it can be swung by him normally. If it touches anything, it is frozen instantly and completely. "Bites in corda gelu, qui omnia consumit, est vindicta contra illum, cum gelidus ungue Jotunheim"

Thor Wrath , Relentless Anger : A gigantic ball of lightning would statically charge every high in the sky, and when it was ready, gigantic lightning bolts would strike every single millimeter never the enemy's location, even if they were to try and move. If there was anything left, he could absorb it in into his spear and attacking the enemy with it, or he could let it blast out at the enemy in a flurry of 80 lightning bolts coming from various angles but all aimed at the enemy, atomizing them if touched. "Tonantem iram indignationem tuam super iracundiam vestram petimus anima per ignorantiam, immitis ira"

Summoning circle: Artic Yamata No Orochi! : The spell creates a massive magic circle that summons out of it an eight headed snake monster with claws and sharp fangs and is made entirely out of ice. It towers over mountains and it's very presense changes the surrounding area to a frozen wasteland on contact. "Surge, et percutiam te deripere quid tu vides opportunus, Yamata non Orochi, Ice"

Birth of Galea: Makoto speaks this spell and once it is finished, he encases himself in a ball of ice roughly the size of a mansion and stays in this ball, which is reinforced by magic shields surrounding it as well as three layers of thick ice stronger than steel. When 4 turns have passed, Makoto emerges as Galea, a large dragon with gigantic wings and a loud roar and tough scaly armor. It's still Makoto in essence, and he's no different mentally. He gains the toughness of dragon scales and his magic stays the same, on top of his suit accomodating the extra size and physical changes. He can change back at will with this spell, if he should choose to be human again. "Et cor tuum, sed corpus ex elementis imperat mutatio ore volucrem. Et omnis, qui habet pinnas nearn subverterunt, et salvabor in pace, aut a sarcina de inimicis meis. Quid magicae potest facere videant, dea magiae Circe"


Hope's Sanctum : A close range punch where Makoto blasts his enemy with his magic and cause as much external and internal damage as he can with the quick pin-point shot releasing all of the power in the punch at once. 

Malevolent Twilight : Makoto charges two orbs in his hands and then either punches, kicks, or throws them at his enemy for massive damage and explosions.

[Soul-Shattering Strike/animam percusserit-confractio] : This move is a singular strike to the chest that can be layered behind magic spells.  It is an internal attack that disrupts the nervous system and can cause bones to shatter on normal humans, even without any boosts to his strength.  Where it really excels is slowing down the nerve signal transference for the battle.  

Wind flurry: Having nothing to do with wind, Makoto uses Shundo on his arms to punch fast enough to push wind.

Spiraling tempest : By catching or throwing the opponent off balance, Makoto may be tempted to apply this move, which is an open palm strike to the opponent's body, which then the follow-through of sudden pressure should send them flying back. 

[Shocking Fist of the Raging Heavens/ Horrendum pugno tempestatem caelis]: A rapid set of punches that occur once Makoto has grounded his opponent, with the final strike being boosted by 50 magical arrows of lightning.

[Frozen Fist : Avalanche Cataclysm/ Gelida pugno: Icy tundra] : An attack usually done in two steps, the first one is either to knock the opponent into the air, or meet them in the air.  The second is to give them a hard punch and rapidly force them to hurtle towards the ground, upon impact, shards of ice will impale the punched area.

[Chāojí quántóu/ Hyper Fist] : Using his Shundo, Makoto unleashes a combination of kicks and punches, first tripping his opponent, then spin kicking him a few  more times to keep him off the ground, the the open palm strike and finishing with a solid rapid punch to the stomach to send them off. 

[Secret Fist : Fist of the Spark/ Huǒhuā de quántóu]: A style adapted after sparring with his teacher Damien, which makes use of his somewhat frail looking and slender form by focusing on his reaction and physical speed and agility. Upon entering the use of this style, his legs are spread out but stay less than his shoulder length apart. His hands appear loose and have a slight droop to them instead of holding them up strong and firm. He also uses a spell called [Bolt mind. " augeret, reactionem, celeritate, agilitas"]: Bolt mind increases his reaction time, agility, and over speed to become greater and make a more effective fighting style.

[Seven Star Nova/ Qīxīng xīnxīng]: This is a set-up that Makoto uses when fighting. It is a set of seven moves that can be used seperately or directly in order.

1st Star : A solid ki infused punch to the stomach, and a blast of ki comes out. If used in a distance, the blast still fires out.

2nd Star : Makoto gives them a spinning kick to the back up into the air.

3rd Star: Appearing on the other side of them, he tosses them by the leg, using ki to increase the strength of the toss.

4th Star: A high powered haymaker to the enemy's jaw.

5th star : A backflip kick to the jaw of the enemy.

6th Star: Makoto slams his knee into the enemy's chest.

7th Star : Makoto punches his enemy and a large blast of ki engulfs the person while knocking them hard into the ground.

10th heaven: Makoto hits his opponent in various nerve points in the spots that shut them down and effectively do the same to that part of the body. He does this until the tenth attack where he proceeds to use magic one each point to explode on those points.

(Will add more soon)

Fighting Style/Techniques : Bojitsu and Bando, Northern Shaolin

Magic Style : Western style Ice, Lightning

Weapon : A double sided collapsable spear.  A ring that allows for him to better channel his magic.

Personality : Makoto is the quiet one that rarely speaks and at the same time, is polite and friendly, and can usually be found reading. He does speak on rare occasion and often gets everyone's attention as a result when he does.

Bio : Makoto was born and grew up in the Old World also known as Earth He, as a consequence, doesn't know much about the Magical World, but is proficient in magic himself. He was Taught at a Magic Academy in Chicago, after graduating with his class he was assigned to Star City Academy to Learn from the experience. He keeps a Large Staff with him to fly with. "He" is often second guesses himself, usually when pressure is place on him for something important.

Incantation : Assurance Victoriam (Assurance brings Victory)
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I'm just a king
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Block C Battle

Harold Godwin VS Everett Carlson

|| Location: Forest

There are no rules! You must fight until one can no longer fight! No such thing as forfeiting in this arena!

If you die, you shall be revived, and the killer shall be declared the victor!
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