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Check out the cronology of Final Boss Battle Themes:

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Looks like some characters are making a comeback for PSMD!

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Pokemon type




calm, smart, athletic, shy, quick tempered

he was born in the mountains in a very cold almost all year round his parents were simple people his mother who was a interesting pokemon, was a warrior in the village, his father was a simple tailor. When comet was 12, he left his parents to find a rescue team, his mother gave him her best sword called "Moonlit Steel", his father gave him a jacket, he then left after that. At the age of 13, he found a feathered dragon named dust, that became his friend and his source of transportation, he road him around the world of pokemon. He is looking for his dream rescue team.


wide slash
low kick
iron tail
aura sphere
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Walking through the forest where is everybody
Open rp

I want to make a team but how

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Forget some stuff sorry new at this
Moves: flame thrower, ember, flame charge, and fire spin
Age: 11

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Here, I'll post one of stories I did on Fanfiction to see if you guys like it so far.  If you do like it, I might make stories from the RPs we do.

Adventures of the Pokemon - The Ebony Mew
Ch.1: The Unusual Visitor

It was a bright and sunny day in Post Town, a rest stop town for Pokemon with numerous stores and lots of delicious clean water. All of its residents were living their normal everyday lives, only today was not so normal. Almost all of the Pokemon in town were gathered inside and outside of the town's inn, owned by a Pokemon called Swanna. Just then a green blur past by the crowd of Pokemon, outside the inn, and then returned to the group. The blur cleared to reveal a small, dark-turquiose Snivy. His name was Speedy the Snivy. He got his name from his unusual gift of bewildering super speed. He was rather curious why so many Pokemon packed the inn. He walked up towards one of the Pokemon in the crowd, a small, muscular Pokemon, carrying a rectangular log named Timburr.

"Yo Timburr bro! What's the massive possie for?"

"Oh hey Speedy. Everyone's at the inn because they said they saw a unusual new Pokemon in there"

"An usual, new Pokemon?"

"Yeah. He's not from around here and everyone's getting pretty suspicious of him."

"Huh... The speedster wants check this out." Speedy likes to call himself "The Speedster"

Speedy passed through the group Pokemon who were in front of the entrance to the inn. There weren't too many Pokemon outside so it didn't take long for Speedy to pass by. The inside of the inn with was wide room with tables all around and a counter in the back where a big, white swan Pokemon stood. Her name was Swanna, the owner of the inn. The were also stairs in the room which led to many other rooms that other Pokemon could rent to stay and sleep in. When Speedy got inside the inn, he saw a group of Pokemon surrounding a table were a Mew sat who was trying to eat fresh plate of berries in peace. However, the Mew wasn't pink or shiny blue, it was a highly unusual, black-colored Mew with red eyes. The crowd around it wasn't going to leave it alone. The Mew tried ignore the group and eat his meal, but after a while, he just couldn't take it anymore.

"Excuse me but do you guys mind? I'm trying to eat in peace," the Mew complained calmly.

"Sure you are." said One of the Pokemon who appeared to be a more bigger, stronger version of Timburr and was holding a big iron bar, a Gurdurr.

"Um... What's that supposed to mean?"

"Don't play dumb with me! You look like you're just eatin' but you really could using this as a cover up to plot some evil scheme!"

"What?! That's ridiculous!"

"Drop the act and come clean! What dirty trick you're trying to pull?!"

"I'm just a Pokemon trying to eat a fresh meal in peace. Does that look so wrong to you?"

"Who knows," said another Pokemon in the group, another Timburr, "We don't really get strangers around here, especially not like you."

"We've never seen a black Mew before," said another Pokemon, a Ducklett, "You could be some kind of outlaw for all we know."

The Mew was really annoyed now.

"Oh, so just because I'm a black Mew, I have to be some dark and evil Pokemon, is that it?!"

"Are we wrong?" the Gurdurr said.

"Okay, I don't have to sit here and take this!" the Mew shouted as he gulped down the last of his berries and flew up from his seat.


The Mew flew over the group and out of the inn. Speedy was eyeing him as he flew out of the inn in a curious fashion and then turned to Gurdurr.

"Dude. Uncool." Speedy said, crossing his arms.

"Come on Speedy! You saw him, right?" Gurdurr argued.

"That dude might have looked shady, but you don't know if he's messed up or not."

"Oh come on! He even left without paying for his food."

Swanna jumped into the conversation.

"Actually, he payed for his meal before he ate." Swanna pointed out.

"See? You don't know if he's messed up," Speedy defended.

"And I suppose you know if he's "messed up"?"

"Well, not really. I've never seen him before. But at least a not messed up hothead who judges folks like a fool!"

"Why I aughta..." Gurdurr shouted as he charged at Speedy, trying to punch him. Speedy easily dodged it with his super speed and leaned on one of the tables.

"Uh uh uh!" Speedy said with his eyes closed and wagging his finger at Gurdurr.

"Why you little... I can bet you 500 poke right now that guy's up to no good."

Speedy rolled his eyes.

"Pfft. Fine, but if he's not a shady dude you also have to apologize to the bro."

"Whatever you say. You got yourself a bet."

The two shook hands, making the deal official.

"Cool. I'm gonna see if I can find the Mew dude and see what he's up to. Peace out," Speedy said as he dashed out of the inn.

"That little freak can't possibly prove me wrong because that Mew is obviously some sort of outlaw." Gurdurr grumbled

"Honestly Gurdurr, you think every suspicious person you is outlaw like YOU use to be," Swanna scolded

"... Yeesh, you always have to rub that in on me," Gurdurr said as a sweat drop appeared on his face.

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Name: Jojo
Species: Chimchar
Age: 14
Likes: Joking around, Sparring, Bananas, Occasional Pranking, Sunny Days, practicing martial arts, Torches, Napping in a trees
Dislikes: Getting wet, Mud, Rain
Moveset: Flamethrower, Brick Break, Blaze Kick, Double Kick
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Name: Fennikn (Flame)
Abilities: Blaze
Likes: being brushed,singing, napping, and being with other Pokemon
Dislikes: rain, being disturbed during a nap, and pranks
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