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One of the questions that come up often is “What is the difference between bridges and implants?” In this article, we’ll look at the differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Full Solutions Approach to Dental & Medical Practice Development unlike any company in existence 

Business Coaching
Practice Development
Practice Management
Dental & Medical Staffing
Clinical Teaching 
Website Design
SEO & Google Places/Local Search
Online Marketing
Social Media
Professional Video Presentations
You Tube
External Marketing Program

All developed into one program for your Practice = 

Dentists = 25.6% average production increase year #1
Orthodontist = 302.3% average production increase year #1

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Dentists and Physicians have spent millions of dollars throughout the years on consulting companies and every Doctor we have ever talked to (35 years and over 20 countries) basically says the same thing ...

"I believe many of the ideas I paid for are very good; however, nobody at my office follows them including me for the most part.  In addition, these ideas concentrate on one facet of my practice instead of having a complete program covering literally every aspect of my practice.  What I really need is for someone to be at my office multiple times a month holding both me and my team accountable for implementing things we know we should be implementing."

New Patient Group knows that webinars, seminars, CD's, DVD's, flying you and/or your team to training facilities and much more simply do not work.  What also does no work is seeing the company and/or person you are paying only a couple times a year, which by the way is a consultant not a coach regardless of what they want you to believe.  

Now we do not say these things because we believe consultants are bad people with bad ideas as nothing could be further from the truth.  Most of them are excellent people with great ideas.  However, we know that unless you and your team are held accountable for actually doing the ideas, trained at a high level on how to do the good ideas and then followed up with to make sure you are continually doing the ideas (Mystery Telephone Calls, Mystery Patients, Monitoring Specialists, Coaches/Trainers and much more) there is no possible way the ideas will ever translate into you and your practice reaching its full potential.   

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