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TDarrio - "Entertaining Thoughts" The New Album  
They say that an artist's debut album is a summary of their lives up to this point. This can definitely be said about T'Darrio's debut album "Entertaining Thoughts".  A project that is 4 years in the making, ET is truly a work of art; a representation of a true artist in their elements. On Entertaining Thoughts, T'Darrio explores the rigorous upbringing he experienced across various urban areas in America. The thoughts that he conveys, over lush instrumentation, make you feel the pain as well as the triumph that has been experienced by the artist. Much more can be said about this masterpiece, but you'll have to be the judge of that...... ENJOY


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The All New "T'Darrio" MOBILE APP is NOW AVAILABLE for FREE DOWNLOAD thru the Apple & Google Play app stores!!!

T'Darrio's NEW EP ‪#‎EntertainingThoughts‬ (release date 9/22/15) is available on the app RIGHT NOW to stream!!!

Now go enjoy that sh*t & tell us what you think!!!!

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Here is our feature on the lucky winner, hip-hop artist-producer @TerriblyDopeTD
T’Darrio currently lives in Phoenix, AZ. His music, however, has been largely influenced by his previous homes of Detroit and Atlanta. “Growing up in Detroit, you have to know that I have been influenced by Motown,” he tells me. “My grandfather was an early member of The Dramatics & is pictured on their 20th Century Masters album. 

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Check out TDarrio in the June / July 2015 issue of BLAQUELINE Entertainment Magazine. Keep the beats bumpin TD.

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