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Will use the Morrison et al. Model of Instructional Design to develop the curriculum for the following learning modules.

Desire 2 Learn
Time Management
Major Exploration
Honor Code
Note taking
Test taking
Reading and annotation
Stress and anxiety management
Using tutors
Communicating with instructors
Navigating campus

Here is the full sequence of scheduled communication to incoming students.  These are mostly things that students identified they wanted during the focus group session we conducted last month.  What feedback do you have?


1. Survey (5/15/14)
2. Identikey setup (5/15/14)
3. Profile (5/19/14)
4. Email (gmail) setup (5/20/14)
5. - 3 photos, CU email address (5/21/14)
6. Desire2Learn - community course "Student-Athlete First-Year Transition" (5/26/14)
7. Orientation (5/26/14)
8. Registration & myCUinfo (6/2/14)
9. Evernote (6/9/14)
10. Time Management (Friday, 6/13/14)
11. Major exploration (6/16/14)
12. Honor Code (Friday, 6/20/14)
13. Google Drive & Dropbox setup (6/23/25)
14. Note Taking (Friday, 6/27/14)
15. Google Docs (6/30/14)
16. Test Taking (Thursday, 7/3/14)
17. Google Hangout (7/7/14)
18. Hangout with current student-athletes (7/10/14)
19. Reading and Annotation (Friday, 7/11/14)
20. GradesFirst (7/14/14)
21. Stress and Anxiety Management (Friday, 7/18/14)
22. Using Tutors (Monday, 7/21/14)
23. Communicating with Instructors (Friday, 7/25/14)
24. Navigating campus (Monday, 7/28/14)

* 16 instructional modules
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It's time to reach out to the incoming students.  Here is first of several emails I will send.  How can this be better?

Email #1 Initial Contact Email (Survery and Identikey)

Good afternoon.  My name is Corey Edwards and I am here to help you navigate your next few years at CU Boulder as you study, train, and compete.  I will serve as your Academic Coordinator in Athletics, and you can learn more about me here  You can reach me at anytime using this email address ( or by cell phone at 303-941-6126.  I'm sure there may be many questions you and your parents have, so I will do my best to provide you with guidance over the next several weeks.  
The first things I will ask you to do are to answer a brief survey and setup your Identikey.

To access the survey, click here. 

To learn how to setup your Identikey, click here. 

I look forward to helping you succeed.  Welcome to the team!

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+Max Trotter Let's use a survey to gather background information on focus group participants prior to our session, so we can use the time we had set aside for background on an icebreaker activity.  Take a look at this survey and give me your feedback.  It's only 15 questions designed to gauge how prepared the student felt to succeed in college.  There are also a couple of questions related to their access to communication technology tools.  We can use this background information in the Critique, Fantasy, and Implementation phases of our session.

Which academic skills do we need students to arrive on campus already possessing?  

1. Note-taking 
- lecture notes
- reading notes
2. Stress management
3. Time management
4. Test taking strategies
5. How to use tutors
6. Communicating with professors
7. Setting goals
8. Asking for help

IDEA:  Gamify the student-athlete's first year experience.

1. Design an online course to equip student-athletes with the tools needed to succeed in college.  Deliver rules, background, and general information. 

2. Simulate the first year experience prior to their arrival on campus. Design a full first-year simulation game to expose student-athletes to the scenarios and situations they will encounter during their first year on campus.  

3. Gamify the actual first year using points, badges, and leaderboards (PBL's). 
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