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Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that we released Dual Degrees 2.0! You can read all about it on our website ( Check it out!

You can find Dual Degrees today on Google Play store!

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Hello everyone. Just a quick note to let you know that Rise Software officially has an Instagram account! Check it out and please make sure to give us a follow!

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With the Dual Degrees Diamond upgrade you can reposition the text wherever you want before sharing! Get Dual Degrees today on Google Play store ( and the Diamond upgrade inside the application. #DualDegrees

Hello everyone!

I'm just about to upload version 2.1 to the market. Yay!

In other to have the best beta testing possible I would like you to confirm that you are indeed using the app.

Please leave a little note if you currently use the beta version of the app.

This is my preferred method of beta testing. But I might have to change if a G+ community is not best way.


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Hello, we just published the latest article about Dual Degrees (formerly Bi-Polar) on our website! In this article, we explain all the new features that have been added including the brand new Diamond upgrade. Check it out!

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Hello everyone, we need your opinion on names that we retained for the app. How should we name the application?
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Tada!  It's up! The latest release of Bi-Polar was just uploaded to Google Play. This version took a while to release because there were many internal things to make better. Pretty much nothing that you will notice! :D
However, there are "two versions" of the app now! One free, one paid. It's all in one app, you can just purchase the premium version from inside the app.
I will need some of you to stay on the free version and some to use the paid version, so as to test the app correctly. For the paid version there are two ways to get it:
You can send me your email address (the one you use for Google Play) and you will get the paid version for free.
Or, if you want to support my work, or spend those Google rewards, you can just buy the app. That would be greatly appreciated :)
The paid version will currently allow you to add multiple widgets, and will allow you to move the texts on the screen before sharing.

Again, thank you all so much for your help :)

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Two things. First, there will be a release tomorrow with the latest features. Including in-app billing and moveable text.
Second, I need a new name for Bi-Polar. It's too confusing.

I thought of two, but I really need some better ideas. So please throw out some suggestions! Even if you don't think that they're good, they might inspire something awesome ! So pitch pitch pitch !
( BTW , my two are Duo and DuoTemp

So I finished the first round of adding in-app billing (IAB) to the app. It was a long process but the rest should be a piece of cake.
Hopefully chocolate.

But I want to know if there are any pressing bugs before I continue working on IAB?  Is the app working correctly? Updating correctly? It's tough for me to know because must of my devices have the version that is in development.  If there is anything urgent then I'll work on that first :)

Have a great day!
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