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#WomenOfWrath, remember when U were a little #girl?
And U felt that #rabbits were soft and sweet!

Now, U march because of Ur #rage!
Mostly, raging at anyone, who does not agree with Ur #selfie!

Ur #children are watching U!
#AskGod, to forgive + forget Ur real or imagined hurts?

Then, help the little #girls in Ur neighbourhood,
to experience the beauty of all God's creatures!

#God also watches U.

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Calling all Canadian parents + grandparents,

1. Are U getting concerned about our Canadian Social Security Purse
shrinking and perhaps not having enough for Ur long retired years?

2. About our pro-middle class, pro-more tax money solves everything,
and pro-me #selfie seeking politicians, using more of Ur tax money
to "invest" in "sink-hole let's make me look good" projects?

Then it may be time for U to "Improve Canada & Begin with Ur Selfie!"

How U ask?
By Saving Ur Children from Ur selfie + Ur government!

By asking God to give U the courage to:
1. Invest Ur time + talent + treasure first in Ur kids
2. Examine Ur selfie lifestyle and throw out all useless stuff
3. Ask Ur kids to share their dreams + desires for Ur family

Save Ur self from Ur selfie and Ur self-serving leaders!

Truly #invest first in Ur children - every day -
Ur hard-earned enthusiasm + experience + excellence in Ur kids!

True #SocialSecurity is:
1. Godly children, obedient to parents and grandparents,
2. Who have been taught to love life,
and their neighbours of all cultures, and
3. Who care for their aging parents + grandparents
in their golden-sunset years of a Godly life well lived

That's the Social Security, Guaranteed by God (#GbG)
to Godly parents + grandparents of all cultures and economies!

After all, #Canada is God's Global Village of peace + prosperity!

Canada Save Ur Children, #Ourplace prays!

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