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This Community is coming to an end on 4/11/16
Yours truly your owner

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I'm very sorry what happened to Mulberry Messenger about the ads they went way Nelly. So I have taken Mulberry Messenger from the play store and fixed the problem but I changed the name to Mulberry M. In order to maintain no ads it's 0.99¢ on the play store. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sad news this community is coming to an end on 8/23/15
If you don't want this community to end plz vote now.
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No,I don't want it to end
Yes, I want it to end

Good news Comic Gaming will not discontinue.

Everybody lets all have a countdown to the official Mulberry Messenger release

Mulberry Messenger is official available on Google Play

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I just made a new community it's called Mulberry Team.
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