[Fire Emblem Awakening; before the game and now at the game (soon)]

Notes: Maria had a mother who was named Jane. She looked like the girl (with the light periwinkle hair) [I can show you the image of Maria if you want; young and teen], but with blue eyes and a black dress. She is great with singing. Maria inherited her mother's beauty and the gift of singing, and got brown eyes and magic skills like her father (Validar).

It was December 31; nighttime. The moon was full and the stars were up. Outside of the Plegia Palace were groups of people huddled side by side. They had only candles to light up the darkness.

Validar paced back and forth. His wife was in labor in another room. Often, he had prayed that his child will bear the Mark of Grima. 
Information You Need To Know

1. Please make the replies at least 3 lines or more.

2. You may more than one character.

3. Please have most knowledge of the characters of the game and storyline of the game. If you need the information quick, I can get a web site of the information to you.

4. We can do the RP here or PM.

5. I need Validar most likely. Some others might be needed (like Gangrel and Aversa).

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Name: Lizzie Rivaille  
Family : Levi Rivaille
Age : 15 1/5
Height: 5,7 1/2
Weight: 132
Friends : everyone but Mikasa 
Crushes: Eren and jean 
Looks : picture 

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Name: Lizzie Kira 
Age: as old a soul Easter Evans 
Nickname: ( I has none for most of this)
Height : 5,7
weight : 130 lbs
Weapon or Meister : weapon  2 bladed scythe 
looks: picture 
friends: everyone 
crush: soul

Hello everyone ! i hope you enjoy this Roleplay :D
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