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With 3,000 residents it's bigger than 85 towns in Colorado! 

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Looking to get a loan? Have you thought about an FHA loan? This article is a great source for those who want to know more about FHA loans.

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Karen Conrad's Free Home Staging Demo
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Five Positive Ways I've Changed My Business
By Amanda Hofer
RE/MAX Alliance Associate Broker and Realtor

Showing up and being present is one of the most important things when starting out in real estate. The more constant of a presence you have the more your clients, colleagues and peers will recognize it. I've composed a list of new things and changes that I've begun to implement in my business in the last few months that have made a big difference.

1. Go to the office every day.
...and stay at least half the day. There are so many amazing things that you can learn just by simply overhearing conversations by the masters. Having them at your fingertips is well worth that desk fee. When you surround yourself with them, you start to sound like them. And if you're in a good office then that, my friend, is a very good thing. At the end of the day those masters see you there everyday working and they take note too. Everyone appreciates good work ethic, even the "competition" and you'll likely get more deals done because of that persistence and integrity.

2. Spend less time networking.
When you're new to the self employed world it's like a big ole networking party at first. There's good news and bad news. We'll start with the good, it totally is a networking party. The bad news is, it isn't as frequent as you might think. I've recently cut down on my networking exponentially, keeping it to a few choice events a month instead of almost everyday. Finding balance is hard but necessary. Plus, drinking that frequently isn't sustainable.

3. Do open houses.
I realize my last blog post was geeking out on open houses but I cannot emphasize enough the value of doing them. Even if you don't ever get a single deal from an open house it is still well worth the time if you are learning how to interact with strangers on a professional level about real estate. It won't happen right away and at first you'll probably sound downright stupid but this what I like to call "practice".

More than anything education a key confidence builder. Ever heard the term "fake it till you make it"? Best saying ever, but you shouldn't really need to fake it long if are exposing yourself to education on regular basis, even if you haven't had the chance to put it into practice. Take those classes, learn those new rules and regulations, get down with your bad self and get some designations, then before you know it you'll be throwing out some fancy terminology at your next open house that wow your unknowing future clients.

5. Immediately Responding to Messages.
Sorry break this to you, but you don't have a life anymore. I used to wait to respond to emails, texts and phone calls until the next "business day". But my client care has gone up tenfold because I came to the realization that part of my value is being prompt. That means being on call 24 hours a day. I've had clients text me at the wee hours of the morning and if I happen to roll over to check the time at 2 am and see a text from them, at the very least, I acknowledge receipt and let them know I will respond with an answer first thing.

Finding what works can be hard and learning through practice and sometimes failed attempts is even harder but know that if you stay persistent it will happen for you in time.

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This is a very relevant article (and rarely discussed) from +Bill Gassett for both buyers and sellers alike. Know what a fixture is vs. personal property so that there is no confusion when selling and/or buying a home!

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