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I wanted to share my thoughts on Jelly as a startup marketing and business tool. Tell me what you think. 

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Jelly, version 1.3.41 does not save changes to the notification settings. After unchecking "Notification Sounds" it shows as checked when I view the settings again. Thanks! (FYI +Biz Stone)

Hi "jellyesr" XD
Are there some italians that use this new app?

Ottima app.
Molto bella la grafica.
Prima della pubblicazione ufficiale sullo store mi aspetto altre lingue e il supporto a google traduttore per rispondere a domande di persone che parlono lingue diverse.

I contacted support with e-mail and Twitter but never got an answer. I will explain my problem. I can post a question and answer other questions. It appears for me but nobody sees it. How do I know because I always get a reply. Also with the reply function when i send it it appears for a nano second and then vanish. If I want to check notifications I get the message: error fetching notifications. Removed and reinstall the app several times and nothing seem to help. Problem is about 40 days old. Using android samsung.

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I can't connect with Google+ on Jelly.
I am pressing the G+ red button and nothing is happening, not even in logcat.

Found another bug--this ones really straightforward. I just go to my "questions" tab in my ("profile" is it?) information tab. Then all I have to do is scroll down one or two swipes and CRASH force closed every single time I do it. Newest beta, Nexus 4.

Searching for images/adding them for a new question sometimes causes my entire phone to reboot. It might not be Jelly's fault, though...the reboot seems similar to what happens to Snapchat when you use the camera, so it could be a device-specific bug (as only nexus 4 users like myself experience it). I'm @JustLikeAmmy on Jelly btw

When asking a new question, hitting "ask with camera", then hitting the 'gallery' option to use an already existing picture causes Jelly to immediately crash the second you tap the picture you want. Nexus 4
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