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Name: Moonlight

gender: female

Age: 13 moons

clan: none

place: none rogue

kits: none

mate: none

siblings: dead/missing

parents: dead/ abandoned her

likes: fruits, mice, birds, water, trees, sun, night, the moon, being alone

dislikes: fish, cold, being attacked, rude cats, mousebrains

Personality: friendly, shy, can be skittish, loves kits, loner, loves the moon, loves to swim, hyper, climber, hunter, runner, hider, can be rude if you are mean, can be mean, can be dangerous, sometimes secretive, hard to get sometimes, rather run than fight sometimes, but will fight if needed

looks: green eyes,white/gray pelt, sharp claws, big dark grey spot on back, small spots under it, small dark gray spots over and under eyes, has two scars on one shoulder

bio: unknown....

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Name: Kestrelclaw
Gender: Male
Age: 10 moons
Fur: A mixture of different browns
Eyes: Piercing blue
Clan: NovaClan
Rank: Warrior {[(I know I forgot the markings on the shoulder) He's also wanting to become clan leader on day] In a quiz on what Warrior cat name I'd be, Kestrelclaw is a name of a brave and loyal cat that would have the capability of being clan leader}
Apprentice: None yet
Family: Furyfeather (Father, deceased); Dovecloud (Mother, deceased); (Siblings are open)
Mate: Open

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Gender: Female
Age: 29 moons
Fur: Different shades of green
Eyes: Red
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Nightmare Clan
Family: "None because they're all dead"
Mate: Open
Name: SilverHeart

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Age: 48 moons
Breed:Arctic Wolf
Likes:The cool snow and howling with the wind.Fellow strays, pups and joyful people.
Dislikes:Jerks suck ups conflict and hot weather.
Bio:Just a stray looking to find a pack to call his new family.
Art by:Kitsune-Seven

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Gender: She-Cats
Age: 8 Moons
Fur: light grey with dark grey specks
Eyes: blue
Clan: NightmareClan
Rank: Deputy
Apprentice: Needs one
Family: none
Mate: none(open)

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Gender: She-Cat

Age: 192 moons

Fur: White and Blue

Eyes: Blue

Appreciate: Open

Clan: Nightmare Clan

Rank: Leader


Mate: Open

-Art by River Spirit-

Can I be leader of Nightmare clan?

SnowStar sat on a tree branch, feeling the cool morning wind on her face. She hadnt had a good rest all week. With the clan meetings, and setting up border patrol..... it was insane. But she finally got her chance to rest. You saw he and......

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I lay on the ground covered in blood
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