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This is my poor promotion to my blog, but I'm on the road with my Padre on our way to Canada! We should be there about 5:00 pm or so. I will be unable to give electronic updates, and make videos directly but be rested assured videos will be made & other plans will me made to accommodate for my absense. If you ever get the chance to do something as exciting as leave a familiar place, do it! The feelings are some I have yet to feel; and I cannot wait to get a taste of European & French culture. #beginnerbohemianblogger #firsttime #peaceoutamerica #helloquebeccity #goodoldquebec #passport #standby

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New Blog post up today before work; was back from 3/28, but I figured I'd do some proofreading, edit it a bit, and add some more words, & make a post. Comment your feedback here, Twitter, or on the site itself. Have a great day everyone. 

I loathe knowing someone I care about it in a tough spot & I cannot do anything to help them. That's been the case all my life, and it's a bit frustrating to know I'm of no help when it really matters.

I'm at the point where I am wondering what my purpose is, how I am supposed to contribute to the common good when we are running low on "good." People tend to manipulate others, feed off of others pain & misery, as well as putting others before themselves, even if it makes others feel pressured or in a tough spot. It truly drives me mad. I should be putting up a post sometime tonight about this thought, keep your eyes peeled for it. #blogger #BeginnerBohemianBlogger #Weebly
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