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Have you been shared on Terrible OCS? I'm here to help. We can talk about it and get through. There are only a few rules. Follow them please.

No spam or rude behavior
No cursing what so ever
No art theft or oc theft
Be nice to people
Only post positive stuff
Don't post the +1 or repost or you die stuff
Post your oc as much as you want!
Have fun!
Mods are allowed

Follow the rules and we'll get along just fine. Have a good day! Bye!

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Redesigned Aqua!
Base by SelenaEde

I'm new here so what are the fandoms we can share our OCs for

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I don't like Terrible OCS. They're to judgemental! I worked for hours on Aqua Song just to have her posted on Terrible OCS. I won't let it get me down! I know Aqua Song is a great oc. They just can't see!
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Do you guys like my oc

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This was posted on Terrible OCS a while back

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Pictures of Twiley and pictures featuring Twiley!
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