Does anyone wanna rp?

Anyone wanna rp?

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Name: Lucaria
Nickname: Edgelord
Age: 13
Species: Cat
Weapons (if any): Sometimes carries a hatchet
Powers (if any): N/A
Quick Background: Still working on that
Notes: Very edgy

Edit: Powers removed

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Thanks for the invite!:3

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Here's my oc

Name: Accleria

Nickname: Ace or Xenia

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Martian

Hometown: Dimension C136 -- the hometowns are dimensions btw (yes Rick and Morty reference xD)

Weapons (if any): N/A

Powers (if any): She has a third eye that can see another part of reality, but if she uses it for around 6 to 10 seconds she either temporarily loses memory, passes out, or her third eye begins to bleed. She also has a shape shifting ability, but it can only last a couple hours.

Quick Background: Accleria was born on Mars but in a different dimension. In this dimension, if one grows a third eye, they are immediately taken into custody to get executed due to the power it possess. Completely unaware of the news at the age of 12, Accleria was taken by the government for the ritual of execution.

Scared and helpless, her third eye acted upon these emotions and caused her to not only escape the planet and dimension entirely, but gain an 8 ball fracture in her regular eyes and a scar on her nose (that she covers with a band-aid) from the intense bleeding.

She awoke on Earth in our dimension, and now tries to fit in and not attract any attention since she is on the run.

Notes: below I have the picture of my Ace in her true form. I'll draw her human form later. (This was a quick sketch btw)


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Here's my OC:

Name: Astacia "Stacy" Jones

Nickname: Phoenix or Stacy

Age: 14

Gender: Female (like, who names their son Stacy. XD I'm too much into Gravity Falls...)

Species: Metahuman

Hometown: Genisiva Minnesota (Genisiva is not real, just a made up town.)

Weapons (if any): A staff to help with her ability, and to kick butt. (Similar to Robin's and Aang's)

Powers (if any): Fire powers. She can anything with it. She can conduct electricity, change the colors (certain colors depend on how hot it is. Example: Blue is the hottest.) The power also keys to her emotions.

Quick Background: Her parents died in a house fire, a murder caused it, she's on the run, has a let wolf who's basically a wolf named Dragon, Stacy fights crime, before her dad died he taught her tons of cool fighting tricks and she's been training herself, her mother was a staff wielder, (she basically is like a female and older version of Robin from Teen Titans)

Notes: Her pet wolf is half wolf, half dragon. He can breath fire, is more intelligent than an average dog and dolphin, he can also grow wings to fly. Dragon is over protective and will love to kill you if his owner tells him to.

Stacy's hero name is Phoenix Phantom, because when she was little her father gave her a pet name "Little Phantom" because of how quick and agile she is. She's also the master at playing hide and seek. You'll also get super scared because when she wants to, she'll be quieter than a mouse. The name Phoenix comes from her favorite mythical creature and her ability to play with fire. Literally. She also loves fire.

How she's a metahuman is that there was this chemical inside the gas that conjured the fire, which effected Stacy. Her parents weren't as lucky. They perished in the flames by both the fire and the chemicals.

(I hope that helps. :P I tend to get off track. But all of that is important. Maybe more will come out when I start roleplaying. :) )

Thx for the invite! ^^
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