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Creepypasta name: Killer Mockingbird

Original name: Sophia

Age: (currently) 17

Birthplace: woods

Date of birth:  12/30/99

Gender: female


Phrase/saying: it was nice to know you but... now it's time to die

Theme song: (Optional, you can provide a link to a song if you want)


Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 98lbs

Eyecolor: bright blue

Hair color: black

Tattoos: a few

Piercings: lip

Scars/distinguishing marks: scar from her right eye to the corner of her lip

Clothes: anything dark

Personality: shy but scary

Combat: (How they fight)

Abilities: (Powers and stuff) can shape shift

Weapons: sword and knife

Other: (anything else you want to add)

Backstory/Bio: when she was about 6 years old her mother was killed and she decided that she was going to get revenge a couple years later she finds out that her father had killed her mom so that night she grabbed a knife walking into his room she placed the knife above his heart and said It was nice knowing you... but... now it's time to die. Then she cuts out his heart and watches as the color in his eyes slowly fade to a dark shade of gray.

Okay so no spam you can create your oc and post it on here I am not picky as to where you post it and most of all HAVE FUN!!
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