Name: Viktor Koisumi
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Species: Human
*Weapons: smoke bombs and a pistol
Appearance: dark brown hair, blue eyes, wears a black hoodie, some blue jeans and some trainers
Bio: Before the apocalypse Viktor lived in the most peaceful town, he was getting married soon. But the apocalypse killed his entire family and friends. For a while he stayed in an old hotel, but it was taken over by bandits. He found a dog while scavenging for supplies and it kept with Viktor.
*Companions: A German Shepherd
*Relationships: All deceased (Dead)


Species:(Zombie or human)
Appearance: (Even if you have a picture)
*Companions: (And Pets)

* Means optional

Feel free to add on with your own character sheet.

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