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Please make  a profile..please do it for Ticci Toby.......please...and share the community and invite friends....Ticci Toby will hug you if you do

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Name: Maria Grimleal
Age: 16-18
Birth: Plegia
Hometown: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Crush: depends on the rp. Gaius, Henry, Chrom, or male OC
Company: N/A
Fraction: N/A
Class: tactician
Race: Human/Plegia
Weapons: tomes mostly, but has a sword in case
Personality: Maria is a bubbly and emotional young woman. Yet, she worries
Affiliation: N/A
Bio: Little is known about her. Her father is Validar and her mother is a street performer with a strong bloodline.

[pic 1 is her adult self and pic 2 is her child self.]
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I'm walking with my tiger cub next to me looking around nervously (open)

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Anyone wanna rp with me on kik or hangouts? We can base it around an anime or do one of our own creation.

Anime to choose from: DBZ, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Kyoto Hitman Reborn, Blue Excercist, and SAO.

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"I suppose we have to do SOMETHING for a change."
"I know this is weird, but being a prince was never my intention."
"Father made me prince of this nation. But... how can I?"
"Betrayal or harm to my people will bring you an unforgivable death."

Name: Jia Chong
Age: 24
Gender: Male
DOB: 7/12/1990

Hometown: Celestia (Look at 3rd image.)

Blood Type: O
Crush: None at the moment
Faction: Good
Class: Warrior
Race: Human

Weapons: Blades

Personality: Though Jia has a cocky and lazy personality, when he has to, he has a serious side and doesn't hesitate to perform any action to make his prince role be known.

Affiliation: Prince of Celestia

Bio: There's not much known in Jia's past, except his father gave him the prince role when his mother deceased. His father passed 4 months after Jia was prince. Since his parents passed, Jia swore to his father his role as prince will one day make Celestia be a world of peace and not war.
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Name: Mandy
Age: 10
Birth: 3/3
Hometown: unknown (always seen wandering)
Blood Type: unknown
Crush: none
Race: tiger neko
Weapons: none, her pet tiger cub?
Personality: bouncy, friendly, shy
Bio: always seen wandering around, she won't tell people where she's from and she doesn't know her parents, she always has her little tiger cub with her

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Gorveil is sitting in his cave playing with a fling in midair while someone walks by (open)

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they say that theres a place wrost then death and that from this place a child of both the light and the dark was born hmthis child would grow up to be one of the most dangerous people in the world his name Xaldain Black fang but as the tale goes tge people he killed called him shadow or mist theres no real way of telling how far back this story goes however there is a legend about this boy that hes has powers powers to control and tame the darkness its a power that works more like a curse he it ears him alive ripping and tearing at his sanity unfortunately there is a way that he deals with this he must find the girl that makes his soul clam the book closes and your teacher tells you that Tomorrow your going to a park which is where the boys parents use to take him and that you where going to check a strange thats when the bell rings and school ends
((Female needed confident, but shy around me, but can understanding with some of the things that I do please be descriptive and creative and ask before joining and please leave your name if you want to this ill also do reposts))
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Name Mimi the rose lover 
Age 20 
Gender Female 
Species Roiyarurōzu 
Hometown:black garden 
Weapon none 
  PLANT AURA-can surround themselves within a plant-like energy like aura, gaining enhanced strength and can cause plants to grow around the surrounding area. They can also fly by lifting themselves by the energy surrounding them, or by propelling themselves.

Healing plant- can heal themselves or others by using plants.

Chlorokinetic Combat- is able to utilize plant manipulation with their physical combat. Exact effectiveness depends of the available plants, making this power relatively weak when used in a desert or city, while allowing the user to decimate their enemies in forest by attacking from every direction.

Floraportation-can teleport via plants, merging into element/energy and appearing anywhere else from the same element.

Rose paladin form-can transform into the rose paladin (the one with the spear) her powers are great speed and strength it comes from plants around her. special power is lanzador verde - throws her spear spiraling toward her foe with great impact showing pink energy.

bio She was born in a small kingdom deep in the forest surrounded by roses.When she was born she hold the mark of the rose witch means the queen angel of roses pick her to be the chosen child to become the great paladin. When she grew older the kingdom was terrorize by the army of the fallen angel of roses on the great demon war.Once the war ended she was 1 of 10 survivors,so she went on her own to find a way to rebuild or something unknown.  
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