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Stars Without Number Community Content

This post's objective is to gather as much community made content as possible. Whether it's a list of new background packages, new equipment and weapons or even Psychic disciplines, you will find it here. As much as possible, credit will be given to the content creator and a link to the page will be provided.
If you want to contribute, simply add your own discoveries in this discussion thread and I will update this post to show it.
The content will be split in multiple categories so you can find what you want with more ease.

World Creation
Complete Sector Generator by N. Harrison Ripps -
World Terrain Generator by E.T.Smith -
Star System Generator by +Michaël DE BONA -
Planet and Society generator by +Will Shea -
Sector Generator (RE Compatible) by /u/mpigsley -

Character Generation
More Background and Training Package by +Omer G. Joel -
Multiple additions for Psychics by +Will Shea -

Random piece of gear by +Sabastian Williams -
Quirky Guns & Weird Ammo by +Luke Gearing -
Pimp My Power Armour by +Luke Gearing -

Rustbuckets In Space by +Luke Gearing -

A really handy list of links from Reddit -
A SwN fanzine by +Omer G. Joel -
Multiple rules and clarifications by +dansk macabre -
Collection of handy Spreadsheet to help you create your Starship, vehicle and more by +B. Scot Hoover -
Star Trek rules for SwN by +Joshua Kubli -

French translation by +Jordan Raymond -

After years of reading and admiring SWN, I'm finally running it! 3 sessions of a face to face game, and 4 days of a Play by Post game of the Revised Edition, and Iove the elegance and simplicity of the system, combined with the options and ideas contained. It's made converts of some players who were not too keen about playing an OSR game. It speaks volumes of +Kevin Crawford​'s genius at creating a system that feels new and fresh from that base. Very happy with the game!

Ran my first session of SWN last night. Revised edition. Went great!

One question occurred to me I thought I'd bring here. Execution rolls are skill checks, not attack rolls. So a specialist can reroll it using their ability, but does it mean a Warrior cannot make it auto-hit, or auto-miss when targeted, for that matter?

I was just thinking that going the Dark Sun route could be perfect to show the collapse of the world. Not the who psychic thing but having the world be a desert. It is into this decaying world that the player Godbound appear. Maybe in a village or at an oasis or something.

What's cool is that since the world is a desert it's easy for ruins and reics to simply appear in the sands after a storm. Hehe

I was thinking that maybe the world is falling apart so much that celestial shards are needed to make permanent environment changes. Another thought could be to add widespread low level wards to the world to represent supernatural decay.

Some of the locations could still exist from the book, just without oceans. The Bright Republic is a citystate of modern tech. The Vissio trading towns. And others.

What makes this particularly cool to me either the works of the players to heal the world become easily visible. If the heroes plant a great tree and return nature that clearly shows on the map.

Just a thought.

Modifying Star ships:

How much impact to game balance would increasing power or mass to a standard hull will have?

I gave my PCs a patrol boat, but wanted to increase its mass to give them extra space for mods but I fear this may just shift game balance.

Alright, another playtest report.

Character generation was smooth, though I wish I had a summary sheet handy for player reference during the process.

The players were a ship's crew hired to transport a shipment of military materiel and advisors to a faction in a planetary civil war. Alas, there was a blockade of the planet by the opposing faction, so the first obstacle involved getting past the three ships that were in orbit.

The detection rules are fine, though a bit unclear (see my last post...I muddled through) as to which modifier applies to which ship. A lot rests on the GM to ramp up the tension in order to make blockade running via sneaking feel dramatic and, well, tense. The whole thing should feel like Das Boot, and my players did not quite get into the mood. Maybe a few extra rolls (fake rolls!) and questions like "are you concentrating on passive stealth, or modulating engine emissions, or...?" would serve me well in the future in that regard. I just wanted them to be eerily quiet during that scene, and they weren't quite there.

Happily enough for the party, they were not detected, and made it onto the planet's surface with no incident. This was unfortunate, only because I wanted to try out the ship combat rules. Another time, I guess.

The characters and their skills meshed well with the adventure: the warrior who had the Specialist/Survive focus was a highly competent ranger. The doctor with the Healer focus at level 2 was especially helpful. The foci work well in giving players what they want: characters with nominal competency in something out of the box, as well as customization options. There is a little less niche protection than in the first edition, in that the character skills all tend to look similar. But of the three experts and one warrior, no one was stepping on anyone else's toes. Success!

Next time, I will start in media res with the ship combat, and see how that goes.

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As a break while I wait for the SWN: Revised print proofs to arrive, I did a bit more work on Wolves of God, my 710 AD Dark Ages England near-historical game.

One of the main problems with trying to create a historical game is that it is very difficult for most players to easily figure out how they are supposed to act in a culture that is likely Very Different from the one they currently inhabit. Sure, you can have them read some background handouts or such, but that doesn't soak in very well.

To try to mitigate this, I've put in Ways as sort of substitute-classes in WoG. Each Way represents a particular type of English cultural trope- the martial hero, the holy saint, the foreign wanderer, the sorcerous galdorman, and so forth. To improve in that Way, you've got to perform specific Deeds, enumerated in a half-dozen different simple imperatives, and avoid Shames, which are likewise simple and direct. Ideally, all of this fits on a 3x5 card or character sheet and the adventure-creation tools leverage the Deeds relevant to the party to create Anglo-Saxon adventure hooks. If I write the Deeds and Shames correctly, you'll value what an Anglo-Saxon hero is supposed to value just as a consequence of trying to get ahead.

I also added a bit more information on the decidedly non-historical Arces and the Arx-born on pages 38-39.

has anyone done a cheatsheet or GM screen for the new edition?

The rules for sensors and detection on p. 112 are a little confusing upon reading:

"The observer takes bonuses and penalties to their opposed skill check based on the circumstances as listed below."

The table has Observer and Target columns, and I am pretty sure that the Target column refers to the Program/Int skill roll modifiers for the Target. This makes sense, but doesn't jibe well with the sentence above.

Maybe "The observer and target take bonuses and penalties to their opposed skill check..."

What would Metamorphosis Alpha look like in SWN? For those not familiar, MA is set on a multi-generation ship that passes through a radiation cloud which mutates the people on board and sets it adrift. Its very gonzo and arbitrary, which I'd like to replace with a more SWN sensibility.

I'm thinking something along the lines of a hollowed-out asteroid that was headed somewhere when the Scream hit. The AIs and psionic people went crazy and years later the population has forgotten the original purpose.

What would be the purpose of an asteroid habitat in a setting with wormhole transportation across the galaxy?
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