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Distance: 106 miles
Elevation: 7800'

Strenuous (20-22), led by Joe Sullivan
If the roads are wet or rain is threatened we may slow the pace down to accommodate people with heavier rain bikes.

At the top of all hills, and at major turns. An effort will be made to accommodate people with a range of abilities, but riders who are significantly off the group pace should come prepared to finish the ride on their own.

Weather Cancels:
Showers cancel. Check this website for weather updates if the weather looks iffy. Please bring fenders if the roads are wet.

Ride Description:
EAstside Ride The Hill DREAM rides are focused on developing stronger riders by training on hills or using intervals (or both :). This week we are planning a challenging 100+ mile route with over 7000 feet of climbing. Because of the high chance of rain this weekend the route has several opportunities to turn back early. It also allows people to do a shortened version of the ride if desired.

Here is the route:
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