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boo plays in his playroom I wanna pway wif mommy and daddy

Anyone on?

Name: Sahara
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Gaian like human, but is stronger, smarter
Personality: Is usually defiant and stubborn, but can be beaten and tortured into submission it doesn't last though. Snaps and gets angry easily.
Type: Body-guard mainly though can be anything else.

is laying in the master bed haararatayaa babbles
+Selena Nara

wakes up in my fort
+Ariya Ashling

makes a fort in the living room


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Name: boo

Age: 4weeks

Gender: male

Personality: energetic, funny, sweet, and adorable and likes to babble

Bio: likes crawling into girls shirts since he's cute

plays with toys when I throw my teddy bear out of the room

Anyone on?
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