Hi, I start recently gwt material, it´s looks very cool...
But, somebody can help me with the structure of proyect to connect to postgres db? thanks.. (how to obtein data, estructure of RPC(if necessary))

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RichEditor inside Modal will be supported on GMD 2.0-rc6
For now you can test it out on current 2.0-SNAPSHOT


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The #C4P is open till July 31 2017. We Want you! ;-)

Hi, Can I put an image different that iconType? A resource image...


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I have a question to +mark kevin ringor or someone else who is very deep related to the GWT Material project:
Is there a simple CSS Styling with GWT Material possible?

We try to evaluate GWT Material for our upcoming project and have to decide in the next view days.

After investigation on the surface of GWT Material, we found that the styling is usually done with UI Binder Syntax (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79owqV8PPhQ).
Is there also a way to style the elements with plain CSS? e.g., by overwriting it? This would be very important for us, because we have to carry out lots of individual styling.

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Another great tip
Saving Bandwidth with Images (The Standard, Ep. 8)

Watch here: https://goo.gl/ImYBxI

Still serving users GIFs? In this tip, learn more about saving your users' bandwidth by serving better images - and only serving them when they're needed.

@all Just to update you guys, we have updated the current snapshot version number for GMD Table and GMD JQuery.

All GMD Projects now has :
Current Snapshot : 2.0-SNAPSHOT
Next Release : 2.0-rc5

So for those who are currently testing and using Table or JQuery update your version from 1.0-SNAPSHOT to 2.0-SNAPSHOT.

Reference to upcoming 2.0-rc5 release.

Best Regards,

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GWT Material rocks !

Here is a complex web app I'm currently developping using the latest GWT release (2.8.0) together with GWT Material 2.0-rc4 and json http requests (no more GWT RPC calls)...

Click "Log in" without any password to log as demo user !
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