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I forgot extra rules
No fighting,
No bullying,
No entering my office, unless it's either my girlfriend or its serious
Got a problem? Talk to me, I'm a good listener

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Likes:Music,Battling,Catching Pokemon`s,Trolling +Green OAK ,Searching big brother

Hate`s:To Lose,Professor Oak,Emolga,Vegetables


Story:while i wash 4 years old i got kidnapped by team rocket then 2 years later lance saves me then he teaches me pokemon i started me jernouy 4 years after me big brother red and 1 years after start of me jernoy i become new champion of kanto then i lost to gold and green also blue and losted title of champion then i go search for me big brother then i lost in mt.silver almost died from cold then me big brother finds me puts me in sleep with hypnosis and when i woke up i wash in home he left note dond come after me little brother so i decide to stop searching for him and im training to become champion once again and im 1 year younger then gold. In me 8th b-day evry 1 come exept me big brother of course but i gived me his phione as b-day present. When i wash 7 i catched both latias and latios.And i battled Gold many times most of times lossing

Pokemon Team:Pika lvl 63,Snorlax lvl 51,Latias lvl 62,Phione lvl 34 from Big Brother,Charizard lvl 61,Latios lvl 50

Pika`s move pool:Thunder wave,iron tail,guick attack,volt tackle

Snorlax:Block,Slam,work up,tackle

latias:mist ball,giga impact,energy ball,dive

Phione: blizzard,double team,u-turn,dive

charizard: flame thower,wing attack,Giga impact,fly

Latios: zen headbutt,recover.psychic,calm mind

Ps Me rival is +Green OAK 

Me and me big brotha

Can i have bedroom pls?

plays games

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Which profile pic should I use?
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Analyzes the DNA in the vial


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Sweet dreams everyone

lands back here with +Trainer Kotone

im thinking of having salamence go really fast while im on him to improve his speed, brings out salamence Salamence ready for some intense training, Salamence nods and I get on his back lets go! (Open rp )
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