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"This is an issue many of us should know about during this Ramadan, being as though we're fasting in mid summer."

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Can she or he able to wear Surah pendant necklace if they have urological problem?

If person missed the salah and that person  is disabled and has urological problem and if that person also have problem like easily loss concentration in salah when people around him or her. So, is she or he able to perform all salah at once at same time according to comfort or make up all salah anytime of the day ?

How many salat you can perform with one tayammum?

how to perform eight rakat taraweeh? Is it perform by repeated  four rakat r 2 times or  repeating 2 rakat four times?

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This is to warn us all from falling into something that we see all too often here and on the other social networks. This is the issue of only supporting those things that our so called friends will agree with, even if we see these things to be the truth. Stand up and show your support for that which is correct, because it is correct, and not to get the approval of those that are waiting to judge you. Sometimes standing for that which is correct will cause you to feel alone when you are around so much that is wrong. But would you rather be accepted by that which is wrong, or in tune with that which is correct?

Can female person learn to read or read Quran from electronic device without ablution (wudu) with impure clothing without covering  head ? if that female have some sort of disability issue such as, urological problems and she always need help of someone for cleanliness or change.

JazakAllah Khair.
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