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I have created Ms one note with some of the practicals from vcap deployment exam.This one note still not completed and I will update once I complete.

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[ FREE ] Preparing to take the VCAP6-DCV deployment exam? Before you do, check out this exam simulator

is there any heavy focus on auto deploy for the VCAP 6 deployment exam? if so, does anyone know of any good labs out there to run through the auto deploy setup?

Hello friends,
Good day to all!
I need to upgrade my VCP to VCAP6-Deploy.
Could anyone help me with information for a good home PC setup to start practising ESX 6.5.
Will an Intel i7, 32GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 2 x 1 TB HDD be a good start?
What VMs would I need, assuming I have VM workstation 12.5?

Thanks in advance.



Well I passed the exam today with a score of 346! Tough exam and the monitor gave me nothing but hell. Glad it's over, now I move on to Design!

Successfully cleared by "Deployment Exam"

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I passed the VCAP6-DCV Deployment yesterday. I wrote a post about my experience. The post is in Portuguese but has a translator on the right side :)

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Passed the test today finally. Between the few attempts to the issue with test deployment last time I am glad to finally be done with it. To those are still planning to take it my takeaways are time management is almost as important as the knowledge itself. Another thing that I personally found a great way to practice for it was to do most of my lab work in he hol. IT is the environment you will be working on in the test. I would try to work through some of the scenarios and timing yourself to see how long certain things take.

And for me Kyle Jenner's blog was an invaluable tool for learning

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Sat on my exam last Friday and managed to pass it! As mentioned by other posts, study guide from Kyle Jenner ( is something that you must read. I also find study guides from Mordi Shushan ( and Ramy Mahmoud ( are really recommended.

Getting familiar with the certification platform interface is also really crucial. You need to practice facing the interface with all the limitation. This blog really helps.

My own lesson learned on the preparing and sitting on the exam are written here:

My sincere gratitude to Kyle Jenner, Mordi Shushan, and Ramy Mahmoud for the study guides you guys wrote. For those planning to take the exam, prepare well and good luck with the exam!
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