Recently renewed my VCP6.5 DCV and thinking its about time I began studying for a VCAP. Posting here to add some pressure for me to do it!

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Good Morning!

I currently have a VCP6 expiring november. Planning to give a go at VCAP6-DCV Deployment.

is it realistic to set a target exam date for August End?

and does VCAP certifications expire? if yes, valid for how many years.

Thank you

Today I passed out VCAP6-DCV with good score

Hi everyone,

I am going to give it a try on this exam for the next early year.
AFAIK, this exam is easier than the DCD.
Anyway knows how many hours (approx.) had to spend on Lab and gathering knowledge? I know this is a tough question (depends on the experience) but I would like for an admin that administers VMware daily and often it deploys new vCenter and hosts.

Anything will be helpful.



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Was hoping to sit the VCAP6-Deploy exam today...

I arrived at the test centre in plenty of time and was setup to start slightly earlier than expected. As I was about to start the 'exam console' crashed, we were told this was due to me starting earlier, fair enough...

I tried to start again at the correct time and exactly the same thing happened.

Following a 2 hour delay I was told that VMWare hadn't setup the 'lab environment' for the exam and that no one from Pearson Vue could get through to VMWare technical support.

I was sent on my way and told to contact VMWare Candidate Services to 'reschedule' on Monday.

To say I'm annoyed is an understatement!

I hope this hasn't happened to anyone else.

Had a go at the 6.5 design exam today - missed the pass rate by 10 marks or so. To be honest I wasnt that prepared as I booked the exam on a whim and I had a voucher.
I found it to be much more geared towards the design factors and identifying the risks, constraints etc. I would have a good handle on vSphere (I have the 6.0 Deploy VCAP) in general, my weakest areas would be Storage so In my prep I did do most of it on server sizing, compute and storage design.

I did find some of the questions very ambiguous and I guess fingers crossed next time will get over the line ;)

Do i need to know indepth -powercli commands in order to pass VCAP-Deploy or just the basics would do ?? I went through one of the practice question and it did involve report pulling which required me to use extension data property? Now i know the basics of powercli but not in depth. Any thoughts please.

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