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+Ashley M. Jan 1
+photoangie Jan 4
+Aliya Harris Jan 9
+Cassia Skinner Jan 11
+Kenna G Jan 21
+Chris Baldock Jan 23
+Sharie Hames Jan 29
+Rachel Grey Feb 1
+Jenn Haskins Feb 8
+Krystal Witt Feb 9
+rebekah dill Feb 13
+angie Feb 17
+meeg fours Mar (could you tell me the date???)
+Christine Lee +Anastasia Potapchuk Mar 14
+Zombiieeninjja Beauty Mar 26
+ThickMadam Vlog Mar 28
+whiterose619 Mar 29
+Dahlia DeWinters Mar 31
+Cassie Tucker April 3
+Megan Hilt April 8
+Samantha Jean April 12
+MakeupbySummer21 April 13
+Desiree D April 19
+stephNchanted May 2
+Pamela Albonetti May 12
+Beautifulalicia Contreras May 15
+Corey Estel +Gale L. +Sandra Laidlow May 21
+Jenny IBDFM May 25
+Beauty MySignture Beauty May 30
+Bethany summer Jun 12
+Michelle Anneliese Jun 14
+shannon lowery Jun 19
+Dark Sparxz (FabFashionology) +Leyla Harrell Jun 22
+CrazyThriftyMommy Jun 23
+Marshall Daley Jun 27
+lea graham Jun 30
+BathandBeautyFreak +Southern Small Talk Jul 1
+Alex Sanz Jul 5
+Jasmine Grimes Jul 14
+PhoneJones Jul 17
+Heather Sander Jul 18
+cheekykiki78  Jul 20
+Mickey Richards Jul 25
+Sadie Geerligs Jul 28
+Jasy July 29
+Mary Devall Jul 30
+Kara Lynn +julie Monk Aug 1
+Lydia Dickson Aug 4
+jennifer roman Aug 7
+Dusty Sabot Aug 19
+QueencessQuality Aug 24
+Sasha Kron Sep 5
+Fairly Odd Rabbits Sep 8
+Beauty in the Empty Nest Sep 12
+Samantha Geer Sep 14
+Stacey Smith Sep 15
+Chibi Drea Sep 19
+Curvy Nerd Sep 24
+Jessica Yaws Oct 2
+Shibby Shibbs Oct 3
+Jessica Mezo Oct 4
+Naturallly Yours Oct 5
+ZombeeKittyMeow Oct 6
+Zainey Laney (can't tag myself LOL) Oct 8
+simplymaii92 Oct 15
+Vincent Thompson Oct 21
Alex Kruk (from Sasha) Oct 24
+Realby Lamona Oct 24
+Miki T Nov 2
+Heather Habeger Nov 5
+Emma W Nov 14
+Brittany Zick Nov 22
+Cassandra Morgan Nov 23
+Lyn W Dec 5
+Katy Rochelle +Jessica Forbes Dec 14
+kiki fernandez +OhKayLife Dec 18
+Ashton Butler Dec 23

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It's here! Featuring 3 guests, makemommy77, Facebook group (which I am admin of now!) Batman Lovers, and the youtube channel batman world! Beginning of the video is a skit, I'm really liking doing skits at the beginning of the video! Let me know what u all think please!

Those who have been approved here, you must be a member of our Facebook group and fill out the rules and get to know you survey as well! This group is just for dropping links and all the action will take place on Facebook. If you have not joined by the end of the month, you will be removed from the group. See the pinned post for links. These people are:
+cereal Dieter +Leah Schulz +Shawna Lay +Shannon Colmey +linda abraham +Amber Summer +mimi's makeup

+kayla Powell Thank you for doing the surveys and stuff, pleae join the facebook group!

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I'm so glad I did this swap! 

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Incase anyone wants to see it

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Hey to everyone in the Support Buddies program!  Sound off here and let us know how you're doing!

+lea graham +Lyn W +Heather Habeger +shannon lowery +Cassie Tucker +ThickMadam Vlog +Megan Hilt +Beautifulalicia Contreras +Jessica Forbes 

Got any questions?  Have you all been able to email back and forth with your partner successfully?  What are you talking about this week?  Let us know if there's anything we can be helping each other with!  Thanks everyone!

I just bought: 'FREE GIFT WITH QUALIFYING PURCHASE: Luxury Beauty Sample Box (13 or more pieces)' Luxury Beauty Sample Box

This Luxury Beauty sample box is free with qualifying purchase and not intended for retail sale. To receive the box for free, purchase a qualifying item to see sample box automatically added to cart and cost of box discounted at checkout. Limit is one per customer. Samples may vary by box. Limited time only or while supplies last. Browse qualifying items . Example Samples Included (May Vary): 1. L'Occitane Almond...

***Contest (kind of) In preparation for our move to the new facebook page, I wanted to ask you guys to create a new banner/ logo for the group! The group will then vote on our favorite design. The winner will get a little something from me.
1. Design must include "Geeks and Beauties" and " Youtube / Blogger/ Creative Entrepreneur Community" somewhere in it.
2. Must be 2 sizes- Long Facebook / Social Media banner and Square that we can use in youtube video thumbnails (but larger than thumbnail size).
3. Can be any colors and any design other than that!

Deadline will be April 27th so we can vote. 

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I thought I'd share with everyone that Sephora Play! has opened up their subscription service! I received an email this weekend letting me know that the spots are open and was able to get in! If you've been on the list like myself for months, now's your chance! Good luck to those interested and fingers crossed you get in! XOXO

This is serious:
1. I need to know what house you guys are sorted in at Hogwarts.
2. Favorite superhero
3. Favorite doctor (if you have one)
4. Something you collect (just one!)

Annnnnd go!
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