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Ok, before I say anything, only I have permission for pinning and unpinning stuff. K? So, GET YOUR DARN HANDS AWAY FROM THAT UNPIN BUTTON

Anyway, welcome to After Day Zero RP! This is a nation RP (character RP debated) in which you create your post-apocalyptic faction and explore the vast wasteland of this crippling world. On this post you will find the rules, backstory, recent events and the map of the world. Enjoy your stay.

[Super-duper important rules that you have to follow]
1) Respect ALL members (even the mods and owners)
2) This is a post-apocalyptic setting so KEEP IT REALISTIC
3) Once again, this is post-apocalyptic so don't have your faction create advanced tech. (I mean everyone is dead so progress must have slowed down dramatically)
4) No auto-hitting
5) No God Mode
6) Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT start of large! Something the size of Andorra at the start is too small, the size of Russia is too big
7) Factions have to be approved by me, the owner, or other mods.
8) If you want to have someone banned, you need to confront me in the Can I ban this fool category, giving me reasons and evidence for you wanting to ban him.
9) These rules are to be followed. If you break these once, it'll be a warning, twice, you will be removed from the community, but three times? That'll be a ban

The year is 2003. Forty two years ago, the Cuban Missile Crisis went out of hand and the World War Three began. The conventional warfare in Asia, Latin America and Europe lasted only months before the ultimate decision was taken. The United States of America fired its nuclear arsenal at the Soviets, and thus the Soviets fired theirs at the United States. The world ended in two hours. This killed millions.

What ensued next was worse. The nuclear winter started, and lasted a year. A year of cold, starvation and regret. After the winter, the Earth was a changed place. Scandinavia, the British Isles, Iceland, Canada, the Northern US and many other regions now the new Siberia with the temperature reaching -40°C. While the rest resembled a desert. But people survived. And with them, came new factions and countries.

Flag (and map preferably)

Can i get more detail about weapons used and the strongest nations there is ?

Name : Numidian Union
Leader : Mustapha El-arbi
Population : 75000
Location : North of Algeria
Military : 1600 (divided between the 3 regions)
Bio : after many a period of disputes between tribes for power it was officialy formed in 1982 with the union of 3 main regional powers Chawiya East , Kabyle in Center , and West , under the leadership of Mustapha El-arbi .
Map and Flag for later .

Hi i want to be part of this Rp do you think we can start playing with only two members until others join ? If so then you start First .

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Name The Golden Republic
Leader Hanz Kleinschmidt
Population 20,000
Location The red thing in Italy on the map
Military 5,000
Bio The Golden Republic was formed recently, in 1995. From its founding, it began engulfing smaller communities under the banner. Eventually, they were about half the size of the modern day republic when they cam across a large dictatorial faction created by bandits just north. In the ensuing Golxas War, they annexed the state. Now, they are the new Italian superpower within Europe.
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