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I love good AutoAwesomes. This seems fitting for a Friday night.
OK. It's Friday night and I feel like I am coming down with something......

Some preventative medicine might help.

Have a good weekend!
Animated Photo

Every morning I listen to the news on NPR and on Fridays they end with these StoryCorp stories.

Why don't other news stations end on an upbeat?
That should change. Happiness is contagious.

Here's a great story!

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Lets play another picture game.

Post your pictures and hashtag them #MondaySmile 

I know how much everybody hates Mondays but today will be different. We're alive, smile. Post pictures of your smile and let nothing break your happiness. Share your photo with us, get your friends to join and lets have fun.

>>Click the #MondaySmile hashtag to view the stream.<<

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This is the best article I've reshared recently. Memes and such are easier to come by, so I'm going with this as a first submission.

If you guys can think of categories, let me know.
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