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Well, hello friends. Did you know that even if you missed the SCUP Kickstarter you can still preorder the game here? Go on. you know you want to get your mitts on a nice, shiny SCUP.

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Hey Chicagoland friends!
Next Saturday let's learn improv stuff!
Sign up and you can be as cool as a three wolf moon shirt
Wheel Tree Press is proud to present Improv Techniques for the Gaming Table, a series of workshops to help roleplaying gamers take their tabletop experience to the next level! Each session combines an intensive workshop of improv techniques used by actors on stage with a practical example of play at the gaming table. Our instructors not only have extensive performance and teaching backgrounds, but also well-established nerd credentials. Expand your roleplaying horizons with skills to create kickass characters, establish meaningful relationships and develop stories that sing. Great for both GMs and players!

Workshops take place at the Pendulum Space/Theatre Momentum space (1803 W. Byron Street). To register for this workshop, please go to

Saturday, September 30th
Channel Your Inner Beast
1pm - 5pm
Instructor: Megan Pedersen

This characterization based workshop harnesses the powers of your inner beast! Learn techniques to help you create fully actualized characters at the game table and tips and tricks to remain fully committed to them throughout your game, whether it be one session or a year long campaign!

About Megan Pedersen
Megan Pedersen is a Chicago based performer, podcaster and game designer. She is one of the core hosts of the Jank Cast, a podcast focused on topics in gaming, RPG actual plays and interviews with industry leaders. Megan has also been featured on other gaming podcasts, including One Shot Podcast and the Indie+ channel, and has been a panelist for ValorCon. She has performed and produced improv comedy at venues around the city of Chicago including the Playground Theater and ImprovOlympic. Megan is one of the owners of Wheel Tree Press, an indie RPG and tabletop game design company. She designs all sorts of games including Greenlight, Time Cellist, and Sparkle Baby! and has collaborated on playsets for Bully Pulpit Games smash-hit, Fiasco.

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Hey friends!
Here's a little teaser picture of the next big project we're working on...

Just ran a late 80s/early 90s punk game of Time Cellist at Gencon that has my new favorite time paradox ever:

Jesus and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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Hey -

Apologies if this isn't an appropriate place to post this; as it's not exactly related to Wheel Tree...

I'm thinking of running Glass Ceiling at an upcoming con ( in October.

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

Btw, it will be my first LARP facilitation.

One thing to note about the con is it takes place at a summer camp. Thinking of maybe doing this:

Interview, Retreat, and "What is the Ritual" happen in the lodge, where we will be surrounded by many people and it will be very active.

Then we'll go out into the woods a bit and do the Guided Meditation in quiet and nature. Maybe, possibly do it at night in the dark. Thoughts?

Then Act II, bring everyone back to the lodge.

Next Entre-acte, again take them outside and do the guided meditation.

Finally, have the holiday party in the lodge (maybe even at another table with tacky decorations).

Would love anyone's thoughts on this.

BTW, I read the entry and loved it about a month ago; but just reviewed it today and was happily surprised it was designed by Todd and Jenn. So here I am :-)

+Todd Nicholas

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Hey friends! Todd had a nice chat about many things, including SCUP, on the latest episode of Backstory. Check it out!
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