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Hey friends! Todd had a nice chat about many things, including SCUP, on the latest episode of Backstory. Check it out!

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Improv Adventurers!
There's still time to sign up for our improv workshop with Pixy Belmont-Leo! Come learn some skillz to make your games more awesome and your characters leap off the page!

So +Todd Nicholas is the dedicated SCUP G+ page still upcoming? My Character Keeper is almost ready and I wanted to know if I should wait to relase it on the new G+ page. (I will be working on the last details/polish this week-end).

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I've gone ahead and created a dedicated SCUP community.

Please join up if you want to talk about SCUP. I will poke around on it a bit more tomorrow!

I'm working on a "character keeper" for SCUP. A CK is a Google Spreadsheet document used to share character while playing online using Google Hangouts.
I'm working with the KS package for now. I wanted to know if it's ok if I post it here once it's done? I'm asking because it will contain a lot of stuff like moves and such and the game is not available to the public yet.

Weighing in like the KS told me to: I'd love a dedicated SCUP community, similar to those that Blades in the Dark and Urban Shadows have!

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Hey Chicago area Wheel Tree friends! On Saturday, June 10th, I will be facilitating a workshop that focuses on improv techniques you can use to heighten your roleplaying skills at the table or in your LARPs! Our instructor for this round is Pixy Belmont-Leo, host of the Glitter Guild and improviser extraordinaire. Come learn some sweet skills and level up your roleplay! Workshop fee includes lunch.

SCUP to play Fading Suns....let that sink in....

So I have to ask: which SCUP classes is everyone most excited to play?
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