Name: Hikari no Senshi. (Means Warrior of Light in Japanese.)
Species: Faunus (Monkey Faunus. Has a tail)
Age: 17
Weapons: A Sword.
Likes: Fruits, Bananas, Video Games, Riding Stories, Drawing, Fruits.
Dislikes: Racists, Bullies, Vegetables, Traitors.
Personality: Nice, Cheerful, Brave.
Bio: Hikari became an orphan when his family were killed by Grimm and he ran away from the orphanage and when he was gonna die by some Grimm a man named Cobalt came and rescued him and decided to train Hikari. He wanted to be a huntsman so he can help people.

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Anyone want to rp, I have an oc for rwby and no one to rp with.

When you say "Anything can happen," does that mean relaxed rules pertaining to character creation? I've gotten a bit of flak for my character designs in other RWBY RP communities, and I'm trying to avoid that here.

Name: Ryan Blood Moon

Race: Human

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: kind, caring, selfless, brave, intelligent, stubborn, impatient, easily angered, fun loving

Weapons: the red bulls: gauntlets on his arms and legs that shoot a shotgun round at will

Bio: at a young age, his parents were brutally murdered by a white fang member, a friend of his family Graham grey moon took the child and raised him as his own, that is where he met his brother Brian Blue Moon, who has formed a brotherly friendship with Ryan and this friendship has gained them the name The Moon Twins. From this day forward he tries to find the murderer responsible for his parents death and trains to be a hunter to ensure what happened to him never happens to anyone else.

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