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Name: Andrew Norko

Nickname(s): none

Age: N/A (died at the age of 28 before being revived as a Guardian)

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Human

Sexual preference: Straight

Personality: Andrew is snarky, laidback, daring, and a bit of a jackass all things considered. However, he's also a kind and selfless individual, willing to put his own life on the line for his team and his people.


Image 1: His actual appearance

Image 2-4: His armor.

{Weapons, special abilities, special powers, magic}

Primary/Kinetic weapon: Battle Scar (see image 5)

Secondary/Energy weapon: Luna's Howl (see image 6)

Power weapon: Queenbreaker (image 7)

Other: Incendiary grenade-An explosive grenade that catches enemies on fire, causing additional damage over time.
Swarm Grenade- A grenade that detonates on impact, releasing multiple drones that seek nearby enemies.
Tripmine Grenade-An explosive grenade that sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies pass through its laser trigger.
(the grenades are go on a cooldown after being used.)

Magic/Semblance: Golden Gun. Andrew summons a flaming hand cannon which disintegrates enemies with Solar Light. he can only fire it three times, however, and needs to wait to use it again.

Abilities: (ok i'm just gonna post the text from one of the passive paths ingame since i'm lazy :P)
Way of the Sharpshooter
Knife Juggler- Throw a knife at enemies when melee energy is full. A precision kill with this ability instantly recharges it.
Gunslinger’s Trance-Enter a trance with each precision kill, reducing the cooldown of your Golden Gun.
Crowd-pleaser-Precision hits with your Golden Gun generate Orbs of Light for your allies.
Line ‘Em Up-Precision hits with Golden Gun increase its damage and extend its duration.

Powers: See image 8

{Affiliation, etc}

Place of birth: N/A

Occupation/rank: Hunter

Faction: the Vanguard

Team/companions: his primary companion is his Ghost, whom he has Nicknamed Jett (see image 9)

Family: N/A


Status: Active


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*Andrew groaned, rubbing his head in a dazed manner... "What happened?" He thought. The last thing he remembered, he was dealing with some Vex, and then everything went white. He looked around, genuinely confused. He wasn't on Nessus but in a city, although it didn't look anything like the Last City nor was the Traveler anywhere to be seen...* "where the hell am i?" *he rifled through the snow, finding his Ghost as he powered it on. Spirit now floated beside him as he continued to look for answers*

hey i'm new to this community and i have two questions one can someone plz send me a templet and two can someone help me make a oc or at-least help me make sure it's approval???

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(his armor changes forms btw. he doesn't have a lotta control over it either-)
(posting this here because why not-)

Quotes: "They are rage, brutal, without mercy. But you. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done..."

✯General Info✯

Name: Unknown, although he has been given titles such as "Doom Slayer", "Doom Marine", and "Hellwalker"

Age: Unknown

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: unknown

Current Residence:

✯Traits of Voice✯

Language Spoken: English

Style of Speaking: unknown, for he rarely speaks...

✯Physical Appearance✯
(shown in photo)


Eye Color:

Skin Color:

Distinguishing Features:

Build of Body:

Hair Color:

Hair Style:

Clothing: the Slayer's armor, known as the Praetor Suit, gives him advanced protection and allows the Slayer to revitalize himself from slaying his foes.


Likes: the Slayer seems to have a fondness for Rabbits

Dislikes: Demons, and anybody who is corrupt, not hesistating to slaughter either.

Fears: None

Personal Goals:

General Attitude: violent and tempermental

General Intelligence: despite being silent, he does seem to possess a high amount of intelligence

General Sociability: Not fond of socializing


Not much is known about the Slayer


Weapon: (most of the weapons and equipment from DOOM 2016)

Style of Fighting: Rip and Tear

Semblance: unknown

Special Abilities: The Doom Marine has shown to possess immense physical Strength, Endurance and Durability, and superior Speed and Stamina. He outmaneuvers his opponents with great speed, avoiding their attacks, and yet is capable of enduring the hits that the Demons are able to land. His strength is sufficient to grapple and overpower superhumanly strong demons in hand-to-hand combat, and perform gory "Glory Kills" to ensure their complete destruction. These abilities are all augmented by the Doom Marines Praetor Suit and are used when fighting against the Demons of Hell.

Aura Color: Unknown


Occupation: UAC Marine

Current Home:

Favorite Types of Food: N/A

Favorite Types of Drink: N/A



Music Theme: see below

Battle Theme: DOOM Soundtrack
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(Posting this in student sign up even though he isn't a student.)

[Kingdom of Atlas Incident Report]

Date/time Reported: 3:21 AM

Incident type/offense: at 2:20 am, strange energy fluctuations were picked up by scanners in the area. Less than an hour later, a Mech similar to an Atlesian Paladin-290 appeared following a massive energy surge. Atlesian Knights and Military Forces arrived at the scene, apprehending the Mech, as well as its Operator after the individual in question assaulted 2 guards and caused extensive damage to 3 Atlesian Knights before being restrained.

Reporting personnel:


Name: Andrew Norko

sex: M

Race: Human, Asian American Ethnicity


Address: N/A

Appearance: the Offender has unkempt dark brown hair that is shoulder length, and eyes that are a peculiar golden hazel color. Other notable features include a multitude of scars, the most notable of which are a set of 3 scars along his right cheek, left eyebrow, and right temple in that order.


The Offender was wearing some sort of suit along with strange, possibly alien gear. When analyzed, it was revealed that the gear was not only man made, but was in fact not powered by Dust. Such technology is centuries ahead of ours The Mech, Serial ID TI-1185, was sent to be studied as well, resulting in the discovery that the Mech was sentient, and even capable of producing an Aura of sorts. Atlesian military personnel attempted to operate the mech several times, each time with no success. The final attempt resulted in the mech opening its cockpit to remove the soldier, tossing him onto the ground and breaking two of their ribs. Attempting to destroy the mech also proved unsuccessful.

The Phoenix- Fall Out Boy

Feel Invincible- Skillet

Andrew Norko





Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, or IMC(formerly)
Frontier Militia, Marauder Corp(current)

Titan Pilot, Titan Engineer
Titan Pilot: commonly referred to as Pilots, they are an Elite Soldier and operator of a Titan. They specialized in deception and maneuverability.

Andrew is extremely intelligent, demonstrating on multiple occasions that he is capable of repairing broken down and beyond repair Titans, and restoring them to perfect working order. As all Pilots are, he is a force to be reckoned with. Like all Pilots, he has access to Tactical Abilities, special abilities designed to assist Pilot survivability. While a majority of Pilots on either side will pick one Ability to specialize in, Andrew is a part of the small minority who use all the abilities to their advantage. Said abilities are as follows:

Cloak- causes the Pilot to appear nearly invisible to other Pilots, and fully invisible to Titans for a short period of time.

Pulse Blade- a Kunai-like throwing knife that emits Sonar pulses when thrown at a given surface.

Grapple- a retractable grappling hook.

Stim- stimulant which boosts a Pilots Speed and healing rate for a short amount of time

Holo-Pilot- a holographic decoy that mimics the Pilots last action, fooling enemies into believing they are the real deal.

Ask anyone on either the IMC or the MCOR, they'll tell you Andrew is known for being an asshole. He loves to give a sarcastic response or a smartass answer to whoever needs it. One thing he's managed to distance himself from is his old psychotic habits of slaughtering anyone in his path. When he isn't being a smartass, or kicking IMC ass, he's usually found working on Titans, or spending time with a little girl named Evelyn, whom sees him as a sort of older brother... He cares about Evelyn deeply, as she was the one who opened his eyes to what the IMC truly was. He is very protective of her, so much so that if anyone was to try and harm her, there would be hell to pay...

Primary weapon: R-201, Tactikill, Speedloader, Stock Sights. He'll also be seen using the CAR SMG, the Alternator, or an EVA-8 Auto.

Anti-titan weapon: Archer, Speedloader, Extra Ammo. He also uses the Charge Rifle, Thunderbolt, and the MGL at times.

Sidearms: a Hammond P2016 with Speedloader, and a B3 Wingman Elite revolver.

Ordnance: Arc Grenades, Electric Smoke Grenades, Frag Grenades, Firestars, etc.

He also uses a modified Jumpkit, with the ability to fire both thrusters independent from eachother, allowing him to better dodge Enemy fire while in freefall.

Andrew wishes to achieve peace on the Frontier, but through his own means. He wishes to repay all of his sins by butchering every corrupt and crooked IMC hack he can, until he has washed away all the innocent blood on his hands...

Andrew has messy dark brown hair, and golden hazel eyes. He also has various scars across his body from different battles.

Andrew was one of Hammond Robotics most brilliant minds. he graduated from college at the age of 16, earlier than the rest of his class due to him already knowing most of the things he was being taught. Unable to get a job, either due to his age or his smartass nature, he made a name for by taking heavily damaged, beyond repair Titan Chassis' and restoring them to perfect working order, something believed to be impossible once the Titan has self destructed. Word of his work got around to Hammond Robotics, and, seeing potential, offered him a job. He accepted, and has since become a Pilot, as well as designing and upgrading the IMC Titans. However, on the battlefield he was a sadist, butchering anyone he could find that wasn't IMC. Until he took a trip to the planet Azoth, a trip which opened his eyes and made him realize he was on the wrong side. Ever since then, he has been fighting the IMC, fighting to help free the Frontier...


Tango India -1185, or TI-1185. Tai for short

Heavily modified Ronin chassis

Tai, like all Ronin Titans, specializes in close quarters combat and hit-and-run tactics.

The Ronin chassis in general was produced by Hammond Robotics as a subclass of the Stryder Chassis type. Tai, however, was designed and modified by his Pilot Andrew Norko, who spend weeks doing so.

Tai is affiliated with the Marauder Corp of the Frontier Militia, like his Pilot.

Primary Weapon: Leadwall
"High power, low capacity shotgun that bounces off walls. Capable of dealing massive damage to Titans at medium to close range, and killing a Pilot in one shot."
Ordinance: Arc Wave
"Swiping his sword across the ground, Ronin creates an electric wave that damages and slows enemies hit by it."
Tactical(Titan): Phase Dash
"Ronin dashes in a given direction, temporarily phasing out of the world, avoid incoming fire and creating the element of surprise."
Defensive: Sword Block
"Reduces damage taken. Can be held indefinitely."
Core Ability: Sword Core
"Empowers his melee and sword abilities, and gives access to new sword attacks."

General Titan Kits(Kits that any Titan can use): Overcore, Counter Ready
Specific Titan Kits(Kits that only Ronin can use): Thunderstorm, Phase Reflex
Modifications: Tai's chassis is constructed with a custom metal alloy designed to three times as durable as the standard Titan chassis, and still just as lightweight. He can move much faster than the standard Ronin chassis, and is capable of Phase Dashing farther, and more often than the Standard Ronin chassis. In addition, damage blocked with his sword charges his Sword Core, which last double the length of a normal Sword Core. In Short, Andrew doesn't like to play fair. >:D

【HEIGHT】20 feet
【WIDTH】(in feet.)

【ARMOR】75/100(Ronin in game has 7500 health, so this seems accurate enough...)
【SHIELDS】75/100(since titans have a regenerating bodyshield which is like a second health bar for them.)

See photo.

Tai is a modified Ronin chassis that is piloted by Andrew. He specializes in hit-and-run tactics and CQC. Like all other titans, he has three main protocols which he follows like a creed. Protocol 1. Link to Pilot. Protocol 2. Uphold the mission. Protocol 3. Protect the Pilot. Personality wise, Tai is stoic, wise, fierce, and somehow borders on having a sense of Honor, making him similar to a samurai of sorts.
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Hello? Anyone alive?

Name: Hikari no Senshi. (Means Warrior of Light in Japanese.)
Species: Faunus (Monkey Faunus. Has a tail)
Age: 17
Weapons: A Sword.
Likes: Fruits, Bananas, Video Games, Riding Stories, Drawing, Fruits.
Dislikes: Racists, Bullies, Vegetables, Traitors.
Personality: Nice, Cheerful, Brave.
Bio: Hikari became an orphan when his family were killed by Grimm and he ran away from the orphanage and when he was gonna die by some Grimm a man named Cobalt came and rescued him and decided to train Hikari. He wanted to be a huntsman so he can help people.

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