sighs and lies down on bed with Eevee following Eevee......  School is hard. Closes eyes and slowly falls asleep

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Name: Vurrmina
Age: 15
Species: Glaceon hybrid
Team: Purrloin. Liepard, Vulpix, Glaceon, Espeon, Umbreon (Shiny), Eevee, Mew
Bio: i got my first pokemon given to me by my father it inspired me to be a pokemon trainer
Personality: i'm actually really quiet and shy
i usually have either liepard or purrloin with me out of their pokeballs 
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Name: Zoura (friends call her zori)
Species: Zorua human hybrid
Personality: Quiet at first then very hyper and flirty.
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In full Zoruo form she drinks from the lake.

She walks along the beach bare foot in a short black sun dress with ninetails following

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Name: Lilya
Age: 17
Team: Ninetails
Bio: She wanders around alone in the forest. Doesnt know her past.

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I hope you can join this community ^__^

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I hope you will join this community. ^__^

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i hope you will join this community ^__^
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