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I apologize for not being on for a while for not approving your profile, if you need any questions, don't be afraid to ask...

I was at the music box tampering with it

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which one

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Name:Luke Washington
Dislikes:Annoying People
Personally:Isn't friendly
Weapons:Energy Sword,AK 12,Sniper Rifle,Deagle
Bio:[Files Corrupted]

Fnaf sucks

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repost so the artest of these make more

RP anyone?

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(This OC is not mine, I have permission to use her.(The original creator is Tedizleader(tumblr), I had to ask him/her for permission to use this OC. The picture below is not mine, either.) )
Name: Mary
Age: Unknown
Likes: Foxy, singing, listening to Foxy's tales he tells to the kids.
Dislikes: Freddy(They're frenemies), being left alone in the cove, (she also hates killers, bullies, kidnappers, you name it.)
gender: female
personality: Sassy, caring, funny(she can be a little dorky at times-).
Species: Mer-mongoose(A mermaid and a mongoose) animatronic.
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