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(NOTE: if you already have sertin trates, its fine, you don't need to pay lol)
Hello lovelys! I have a species to intraduce you to! They are the:


Here is some info:
Common traits: (Free)
4 legs (With sharp paws shown)
a very floofy tail
1 eye
long pointy ears
dull colors
any pattern

un-common: (10 points)
2 eyes
2 tails

rare: (20 points)
3+ tails
3+ eyes
controlling a sertin power

They are a very calm species. they never walk on their hind legs. They have some higher ups that rule over them. They are semi open right now. They are 6'3 or taller, and they rarly are smaller than 6'. When thretened, they spit a type of acid out of their mouth and they have a sharp, thorn like feet things. They are a basic species but, who cares :P

they live in rain forests and they like to eat spinach and citron things.

They live from 100-500 years

they can have up to 3 children in 1 litter

they have no gender tecnicaly but they can call themselfs one specific gender

If a kiospa with a main power dies, the child closest to them recives that power (Close as in, talks to them offten, like that)

i hope thats enough info!
Owner: Me

2nd owners: uhh, none yet

can you sell these guys?: no.

Can you trade them?: ask me first (You can't trade common ones though)

(The offical community:

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i want to make this species active again!
gonna make a new template for them :D

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Name: thunderdust
sex: female
age: umm 19 mentally?
first power: changing her tail into any shape she wants
secomd power: changing the tone and pitch of her voice without harming her vocal chords
can i get her approved please?

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I made this one (Common)
Can I use her?



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Finished Aki


hello everyone, i have some quick things to say...
1. if you roleplay, please note that you cant use other peoples kiospas ok?
2. you can have a 2nd power for your kiospa but PLEASE make the 2nd power not strong for example, it could be that your kiospa can control telicanieses and they can breath under water. like that

thats all :3

im pumped right now, im making a comic of esmarelda, kinda puts light on her story. making a story for the community soon, keep your eyes open for it!

Story about the Kiospas- April 1st or 2nd (part 1)
Comic about esmarelda- maybe April 20th or 25th
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